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***** FEES *****

After your 30-day free trial, you can choose to join ICC.
There is no obligation, and we send no bills.

ICC Membership Fees:
   3 years  $179.95
   2 years  $124.95
   1 year   $ 69.95
   6 months $ 34.95* (recurring) $ 39.95 (prepaid)
   3 months $ 19.95* (recurring) $ 24.95 (prepaid
   1 month  $ 9.95* (recurring)

* Recurring memberships can only be purchased through the store at

Students can have their time doubled.  For details see

How to pay:

   Web       Visit our secure form 
             to pay by credit card.  You will need to give your ICC name and password
             to access the form.  

   PayPal    Through the secure PayPal form: 
             You will be prompted for the username you wish to extend.
   Email     Send your credit card info to
   Phone     Leave credit card info on our answering machine at 1-412-436-5558
   Mail      Postal mail your credit card info, personal check, or money order to:
             Internet Chess Club 
             PO Box 5485
             Pittsburgh, PA 15206 USA

All memberships provide unlimited login time, games, tournaments, etc!


CREDIT CARDS:  Visa, Mastercard, American Express.  You may use a friend's
card.  Info required:  Card number, name on card, card expiration date,
amount of charge, billing address, phone number, and your username.

We accept personal checks from US banks, in US dollars.

For Europeans who do not have a credit card, we allow payments by bank transfer. 
This methods will cost you extra money, and we recommend using a credit card. 
For more information, see "help Euro".

Free Memberships:  GM, IM, WGM, and WIM can get free accounts.  Read
"help IMGM".  Also, authors of chess programs see "help computers".

Earn money for each new member you sign up.  Read

By joining ICC, you are agreeing to the terms of the user agreement, as
described in "help agreement".

You can register for a 30-day free trial.  
Go here:

You are welcome to buy additional accounts for using a computer program,
playing bughouse, for a friend, etc, with the same email address.

See also: absent, agreement, discount, extend, FreeMonths, refund,
          register, value, FAX, notrial, contacts, Euro