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***** DRAW *****

Command : draw
Examples: "draw"      -- offers or claims a draw in your current game
          "draw Joe"  -- offers a draw in your adjourned game with Joe

This command ends the game in a draw if any of the following conditions
are true:

  * Your opponent offered you a draw and you have not moved since then.

  * The current position has occurred at least twice before.  Everything
    must be EXACTLY the same, including the person to move, castling
    privileges, en passant possibilities, etc.

  * The last 50 moves (50 moves for each person) do not contain any
    captures or pawn moves.

If none of these conditions hold, then the command offers a draw to the

Remember, you must type "draw" to claim a draw by "repetition" or the
"50-move rule".  The game does not end automatically.  This is the same
as in tournament chess, where you must ask the TD or your opponent for
the draw.

If you are about to make a move which will result in the third
repetition of the position, use the "draw" command, and THEN make
your move.  Even if your opponent declines your draw offer before
you move, you will still get the draw if your move causes a third
repetition of position.

You can type "pending" to see how many moves are needed for the 50-move

The ICC server will immediately terminate a game in a draw if any of the
following positions occur:  K-K, KN-K, KB-K, KN-KB, KN-KN, KB-KB.  (K=King,
N=knight, B=bishop).  Also, you cannot win on time if you have only a King,
a King and knight, or a King and bishop.  (In the very rare event that you
had a forced mate in such a position, you can ask an administrator to
fix the rating result after the game.)  

If both players are out of time, and one of them calls flag, the game is
a draw.

The ICC draw rules are similar to but not entirely the same that of FIDE,
USCF, or other national federations.  

You can also use the draw command to offer a draw to the opponent of one
of your stored games.  To offer a draw to Joe, type "draw Joe".  Joe does
not have to be logged in.  Joe will receive a message with your offer.

See also: resign, pending, flag