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***** DISCOUNT *****

Students can double their membership time on the ICC!

As a student you can pay for any regular, non-recurring ICC membership or renewal of from three months, up to one year, and your time will be doubled, up to your 22nd birthday or your last day as a full-time student, whichever comes later.  You qualify for this as a student if either:

       1) you are a full-time student, OR
       2) you are 21 years old or younger.

In order to qualify for the discount, please send your ICC username
and proof of student status (attaching it as a scanned image) via email 
to  In some cases, these emails might be discarded
as spam so you may want to send a second email without an attachment as well.
Alternatively, you can send via fax using the fax number 1-412-521-5575, 
or via postal mail to:

Internet Chess Club
PO Box 5485
Pittsburgh, PA 15206 USA

Examples of "proof" are photocopies or fax of: 

 - driver's license
 - school identification card
 - school registration papers
 - report card
 - birth certificate
 - passport

Be sure to include your ICC username; otherwise your account won't be credited.

NOTE: Multi-year ICC memberships ARE NOT applicable to this promotion. Applicable 
memberships are regular, non-recurring 3 months, 6 months and 12 months memberships which
we will gladly double upon proof of student status.

When purchasing membership time initially only the regular
period of time is credited.  The additional
free months that constitute the student discount are applied to the end only
after proof is received.  In order to receive the student discount, we must
receive your proof before the original time expires.
Proof of student status is NOT retained by ICC.  
Proof of student status must be resubmitted for each payment in order to have 
additional time credited.

See also:  fees, extend, FAX