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***** COMMANDS *****

Here is a quick explanation of many of the ICC commands.  

For more detailed information on any of the commands please refer to the
appropriate help file.  In addition, feel free to ask questions in 
the help channel, which is channel 1.

When using Blitzin, it is good practice to prefix the command with
a slash (/) so that Blitzin knows you are typing a command rather
than a kibitz or other utterance.

Most commands also have a menu equivalent.  Dasher users may want
to explore the Help menu, while BlitzIn users can see

1-minute      -- Play a one-minute game  
5-minute      -- Play a five-minute game
abort         -- Request to abort the current game.
accept        -- Accept a challenge from another user.
adjourn       -- Request to adjourn the current game.
allobservers  -- List how many people are observing each game.
arrow         -- Draw an arrow on the board (examine mode only).
assess        -- Predict rating changes for specified opponent.
away          -- Set what people who tell you something will see.
backward      -- Step back in examine mode.
best          -- List the best active ICC players in each classification.
bugwho        -- Show current bughouse teams.
c-buy         -- Buy chekels to exchange for chess lessons or other services.
c-offer       -- Offer chekels to a vendor for a service.
cc-list       -- List your correspondence games.
cc-move       -- Make a move in one of your correspondence games.
circle        -- Circle a piece or square on the board (examine mode only).
clearmessages -- Erase messages from your message list.  Specify * for all.
complain      -- Show the administrators what someone said to you.
copygame      -- Copy a current game for examine-mode analysis.
date          -- Show the current time and date.
decline       -- Decline an offer, e.g. a match request.
draw          -- Offer or claim a draw.
eco           -- Give the opening classification for a game.
events        -- List current goings-on.
examine       -- Enter examine mode, for analyzing a game.
exit          -- Leave the ICC server.
extend        -- Extend your ICC membership.
finger        -- Show ratings and other information about a user.
flag          -- Calls opponents time flag in current game.
follow        -- Observe any games the specified player is playing or starts. 
forward       -- Move forward in examine mode.
g-describe    -- Get basic information about a group.
g-join        -- Ask to join a group.
g-list        -- List groups, or the members of a group.
games         -- List the games currently in progress.
help          -- View any of hundreds of helpful documents like this one.
history       -- List the past 20 games of specified player.
i             -- Similar to shout.
inchannel     -- List who is in a channel.
info          -- List many of the informational ICC help files.
kibitz        -- Say something to all observers and players of observed game.
lagstats      -- Display average ping times over the last few minutes.
lasttells     -- Display the last 20 minutes or so of chat from someone or in a channel.
libannotate   -- Label a game in your library.
libappend     -- Save a game to your library.
libdelete     -- Delete a game from your library.
libkeepexam   -- Save the game you're examining to your library.
liblist       -- List the games in your library.
loadgame      -- When playing wild20, loads a specified stored game position.
logons        -- List someone's sessions, i.e. when they connected, when they left.
mailstored    -- Mail you the moves of the specified game.
match         -- Challenge a player to a match at specified parameters.
messages      -- Send a message or view your messages.
mexamine      -- Allow specified player to participate in examing game.
minus         -- Remove specified item from specified list.
moretime      -- Add moretime in seconds to your opponents clock.
moves         -- Display a listing of the moves in specified game.
news          -- Display specified news message.
observe       -- Allow observation of specified game.
open          -- Toggle whether you are open for challenges.
partner       -- Choose your partner for the bughouse variant.
password      -- Change your password.
pending       -- List current challenges pending.
personal-info -- Show information about your own account.
pgn           -- Display the moves and info of a game in PGN format.
ping          -- Test out how responsive a player's ICC connection is.
play          -- Play someone who has issued a "seek".
plus          -- Add specified item to specified list.
pstat         -- Shows your record against a particular opponent.
quit          -- Exit ICC server.
rank          -- Displays specified player's rank among all active players.
refer         -- Recommend ICC to a friend.
register      -- Open browser to to reserve a name.
rematch       -- Offer to play the same opponent again at the same time control.
request-win   -- Request adjudication in an adjourned game.
resign        -- Resigns current game to your opponent.
resume        -- Offer to resume an adjourned game, if opponent is present. 
revert        -- In examine mode reverts to original game position.
say           -- Sends a message to your current or last opponent.
search        -- Search the database of high-rated master games played on ICC.
seeking       -- Indicate that you are looking to play a game.
set           -- Change one of your variables or notes.
shout         -- Broadcast a message to all users listening to shouts.
simulize      -- Start a simultaneous exhibition gradually.
smoves        -- List the moves of a specified stored game.
sposition     -- Display the final position of the specified stored game.
sshout        -- Like shout, but only for serious chess-related comments.
startsimul    -- Start a simultaneous exhibition.
statistics    -- Show a histogram of current ICC player data.
stored        -- List the adjourned games of the specified player.
style         -- Set the specified board display option.
takeback      -- Request taking back the last move.
tell          -- Say something to someone or to a channel.
unexamine     -- Exit examine mode.
upstatistics  -- Show info about the server usage since the last reboot.
vars          -- Display variables for specified player.
whisper       -- Chat with other observers of the game you're watching.
who           -- Configurable list of all users currently logged in to ICC.
znotl         -- List people on your notify list who are currently on.

See also:  quick, info, Intro