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***** Checkers/Draughts *****

Command : checkers

Checkers (also known as Draughts) can now be played on ICC!  We've added it
as yet another fun addition to the rest of our game variants (See "help wild"
for more info, checkers is wild30). 
Being a chess site, we've implemented checkers with minimal fuss and won't 
be introducing much of any new features, much less variants of
checkers, etc. We also aren't following any rigorous international standards,
so please keep your suggestions in line with that. Important: checkers can be
played with ICC for Mac/Windows and Blitzin. Dasher is unfortunately not
supported and it's unlikely to ever be. Dasher users are kindly asked to
upgrade to ICC for Mac/Windows or download Blitzin if they wish to enjoy

---++ To play

The simplest way to use the seek command. Type: "/seek 10 0 w30 r" gets you
 a 10 0 time control game, in checkers

To match username "Canon" to a 10 minute rated game of checkers, 
you would use the command
/match Canon w30 10 0 r - see "help seek" and "help match" for more details.

---++ Rules of Checkers

The objective of the game is to capture all of the opponent's pieces.
However, games can be drawn by agreement, or the 3-move rule (like in regular
chess). "help draw" explains how to do this.

The darker color goes first, with pieces moving diagonally forward 1 square
at a time to an unoccupied space (unless jumping, see below) until they are
either taken or kinged (crowned). To be kinged, a piece must reach the
opponent's first row of pieces. Once a piece is kinged, it can move
diagonally forwards or backwards one square at a time (unless jumping, see
below). All pieces play on the dark squares only.

A jump happens when there is an opponent's piece diagonally in front of yours
and there is a blank space behind his piece. You jump over the piece, landing
on the blank space and the piece that was jumped over is removed from the
board. More than 1 piece can be jumped in the same turn, each time going
forwards, unless your piece is a King, when he can jump backwards or forwards
(or both in the same turn if the layout of the board permits). (Note: With
Blitzin, if you are doing several jumps in the same turn, you place your
piece on the board after each jump, with ICCforMAC/Windows, you place the
piece that is doing the jumping on the last square it would land on). Jumping
is mandatory, so if a piece can jump, that move must be done.

Note: If you have jumped a piece and your clock is still ticking, make sure
the piece you have just moved has finished jumping and that there isn't a
further opponent's piece that can be jumped in the same move.

See also:  wild, draw, provisional