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***** BULLET *****

A game wih a time control of less than 3 minutes is "bullet" chess.
Bullet is one of the rating categories in "finger".

The exact boundary between "bullet" and "blitz" is defined by
"etime < 3".  etime is the time + 2/3 increment.  So 3 0 is blitz.
2 0 is bullet.  2 1 is bullet.  2 2 is blitz.  0 4 is bullet.  Etc.
Bullet time control games count towards your bullet rating, not your
blitz rating.  Games played in the 1-minute pool count towards the
1-minute rating, not the bullet rating.

- Do "who B" to list players by bullet rating.
- Do "who b" to list players by blitz rating.
- The best list shows bullet, blitz, standard and 5-minute.
- "bullet" can be used in formulas.  "blitz" in your formula will
exclude "bullet" challenges.

Four-time world 1 0 champion Hawkeye(GM) recommends using an
optical mouse with a fast sampling rate, and cautions against playing
so much that your wrist hurts.

Please note:  If you have 10 stored bullet games in which you were the
person who disconnected from ICC, you will lose any additional games
in which you disconnect.  Please "resume" your stored games before
beginning new games.  Thanks.

See also: 1-minute, definitions, clocks, resume, stored