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***** BEST *****

Command : best
Usage   : best [ ... ]  [computers]
Examples: "best"   -- Lists top players in standard, blitz, bullet, and 5-minute
          "best computers" -- Includes computers in the list.
          "best wild" -- Top for wild rating
          "best 1-minute bullet" -- Top for 1-minute and bullet rating
          "best blitz computers" -- Top in blitz rating, including computers

Shows the top 22 active players in terms of ratings for one or more 
rating categories.  An active player is an established one (has played at
least 20 rated games) A player's blitz rating is active if that player has played 
8 rated blitz games in the last 31 days. The requirement is also 8 games for bullet 
ratings to be active. For standard and wild games, the requirement is 6 games per 
month. For 5-minute and 1-minute, it's 8 games in one week. For 15-minute it's 4
games in one week. For correspondence, 2 games in one year. 

Words the "best" command understands are:  computers, blitz, standard, bullet,
15-minute, 5-minute, 1-minute, wild, loser's, crazyhouse, bughouse, correspondence.  
You can use any combination of those, and abbreviate them.  E.g.
"best wil los craz bug" to get a four-column output of best ratings
for chess variants.

Players with more than one account are included only once on the best
list.  Free-trial accounts are not listed.

See also: statistics, lists, rank, groups