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***** ATOMIC *****

Atomic chess (wild 27) is a chess variant in which any capture
also destroys the capturing piece (or pawn) and any piece
(but NOT pawns) in a one square radius (horizontal, vertical,
or diagonal).  There is no chain reaction -- only direct
captures detonate.  For captures en passant, ground-zero of
the explosion is the square on the sixth rank upon which
the capturing pawn lands.

Win by capturing or destroying your opponent's king without
simultaneously destroying your own king.  You may not make a
move which  destroys your own king.  Check and checkmate are
not recognized; you may move into check, castle out of check,
or castle through check.

Versions of BlitzIn prior to 2.5 do not handle scrolling
through Atomic chess games correctly.  Also, some very old
versions of Blitzin and some other interfaces will not display 
the board correctly after a capture.

See also:  wild