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***** ATMOSPHERE *****

It is our goal to keep the Internet Chess Club an environment where anyone
can have fun playing chess and chatting.  The ICC offers a unique and
exciting opportunity for people of different genders, ages, races and
nationalities, from all over the world, to gather together, play chess and

Every registered member accepts our "user agreement" prior to entering the
ICC, which, by acceptance, members agree to abide by our community standards
listed in the agreement and our atmosphere policy. The ICC is multi-aged,
multi-national and multi-religious thus our policies are created to benefit


1. No profanity is allowed.
2. No verbal harassment will be tolerated.
3. No racial, sexual or otherwise offensive language is allowed;  furthermore,
   threats of any kind will not be tolerated.
4. Targeting other members, by shouts or notes, to their distress or
   embarrassment, is harassment, and will not be permitted.
5. Revealing personal or private information about other members, such as
   real names, home addresses, telephone numbers, etc., without that
   member's permission, is not allowed.
6. Political, religious and other specific chat topics are only allowed 
   in their respective channels and are prohibited in all other areas,
   including game chat during live and relayed games.  For more channel 
   information, refer to "help channels".
7. The ICC does not allow advertising of any type, anywhere on ICC, except in
   finger notes and provided it is non-competitive advertising.   Other forms 
   are not allowed without express written permission from ICC management. 
   No soliciting is allowed at any time except for official ICC vendors.
8. Pretending to be an ICC official, in an attempt to intimidate or extract
   information, is not allowed, and will result in the loss of your
   membership, without refund.
9. The repetitive transmission of tells, messages, moretime commands, offers 
   to draw, abort or adjourn games, requests to take back moves, or any other 
   repetitive communication with the intent to distract, annoy, or intimidate 
   other members is considered to be "spamming" and is not allowed. 

Any breach of these policies may result in the loss of your privileges to
use certain chat mechanisms, until you have read and promise to abide by our
rules.  Continued and repetitive breaking of our rules may well result in
loss of membership, with no refund.

Please note that excuses such as "my friend did that while I was away
from the computer" are not valid.  You are responsible for everything
that occurs on your account.

The ICC administrators make judgments as to what is offensive and what
infractions have been made, and their decisions are final.

See also: shout, channels, sshout, privacy, tolerance, abuse, contacts,
          rude, guidelines