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***** adjFAQ *****


The purpose of this file is to answer some frequently asked questions about 
adjudicating games. Keep in mind while reading this, that the bottom line 
is that we want the game to finish "normally". We will do all we can to 
make your opponent resume if there is any questions at all about the 
game.  Before you read this FAQ please read up on "help adjudicate" and 
"help adjudicate2".

Q1:  What is an adjudication?

An adjudication is when a specially designated admin (usually called the 
judge, or the adjudicator) steps in and rules on an adjourned game as a 
win, loss, draw or abort in favor of one of the players.  This is usually 
done upon request of one of the parties to an adjourned game whose opponent 
does not log in anymore or refuses to resume.

Q2: How do I request an adjudication?

A: For users of blitzin 2.18 or any later version, there is a nifty 
shoftcut to request adjudication.  First, log-in with blitzin, then you 
type -->  stored.  This will get you a list of your adjourned games.  If 
you want to see what the final position looks like then double-click on the 
game in question.

 From the list of adjourned games please right-click on the game you want 
adjudicated and then choose --> adjudicate.  A dialog box comes up which 
you then just fill up.  There is an illustrated example of this in the 

For all the other interfaces you have to request adjudication in the same 
old way, you use the command request-win opponent_name reason.  Some examples:

To ask for a win, you type (without the quotation marks and brackets) 
"request-win  ".  Example 
"request-win RobertoPeang the dude disconnected on me 1 move before mate"

To ask for a draw, you type (without the quotation marks and brackets) 
"request-draw  ".  Example 
"request-draw RobertoPeang the dude disconnected before I could claim draw 
via 3-fold repetition"

To ask for an abort, you type (without the question marks and brackets) 
"request-abort RobertoPeAng Our endgame is equal but my opponent has not 
logged in for the past 6 months.

To ask for a loss (completely useless paragraph, you may skip this and go 
to the next paragraph), type "resign opponent_name" without, of course, the 
quotation marks.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a look at the position first before sending it in 
for adjudication.  Type "stored" to see a list of your adjourned games, and 
then double-click on the game in question.

Q3: I got a message from ROBOadmin telling me I had a stored game with Fred, 
whose account has expired. It also tells me that the game will be 
auto-aborted in 7 days, and that if I don't want an abort I should seek 
adjudication.  My question is, if I do request adjudication, will I get a 
win for it, even if my position wasn't winning?

A: You DON'T get the win automatically. The purpose of the adjudication 
process is to get you the points you would have won, had the game 
continued. If your position is losing, or equal, or the game is still in 
the opening, please do not seek adjudication.  Allow ROBOadmin to 
auto-abort the game.

Q4: My opponent just disconnected in a lost position. Must I wait for a week 
before submitting an adjudication request?

A: Yes...unless a mate is forced.  Please wait a week to try for 
adjudication. Remember, most of our members dial-up for their internet 
access, and disconnections can and do happen (ISP crashed, 5 year old son 
pulled the plug, wife hit you with a blunt instrument, etc. 
etc.)  Statistically, 90% of disconnects are unintentional, so we try to 
give the person a chance to resume it on their own.

Q5: Are the ratings of the two players taken into consideration in the 
adjudication process?

A: Yes. Ratings are taken into account. For masters being a rook up is 
probably a decisive advantage already, but for the rating-challenged it 
might not be enough.

Q6: If my opponent censors/noplays me, is that grounds for a