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***** ACROBOT *****

Hello!  I'm the ICC Acrobot!

Scherzo wrote me, and Sommiel or opiate run me most of the time.

If you have any suggestions or complaints, feel free to message me
I promise I will get to it as soon I can!  Thanks!

How to play:

First, you will have to type "+ chan 123".

There are two phases of the game: 
the acronym phase, then the voting phase.

To join the game, tell me a valid expansion of 
the acronym I'm currently displaying. 

A modest example:

Acronym being displayed: GTY
After that acronym has been displayed, you could, for instance, 
type "t acrobot Greek Tragedy: Yanni"

While you are entering your acro, 
others will be busily entering theirs.

Soon after, the Acrobot will display the current qualifying acros.
This is the voting phase, and looks something like this:

> The acros for this round are:
> _____________________________________
> 1. Grinch took yuletide.
> 2. Got tickets... yay!
> 3. Greek Tragedy: Yanni
> 4. Green.  Then, yellow.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Time to vote! You have 46 seconds.

To collect points, you must vote!  
You cannot vote for yourself, 
and I will shamelessly tell everyone if you try. 
To vote for the acro of your choice, type "t acrobot #",
where # is the number to the left of your selection.

For example, let's say your favorite acro (next to your own), 
was "Grinch took yuletide".  
To vote for that, type: "t acrobot 1".

Get the idea?  Yay.

The scoring: 

You receive 1 pt for each vote.

If you win a round, you will gain 1 bonus pt for each letter 
in that round's acronym. 

(The longer acros will therefore garner more points, 
since they are more difficult).

the first acronym entered will gain a 2 pt bonus for speed, 
provided it receives at least one vote, and its author is 
more than four points away from victory.
Speaking of which, the winner is the first to reach 30 points!

Please try to keep the acros reasonably clean!
We are here by ICC's permission, and would like to stay here.
If my managers, or the admins get multiple complaints, 
You may be censored from the bot.
Thanks for your consideration.

Please, do not cheat!
The game is more fun when everyone plays fairly.

Some useful player commands you might not know about: 
!start: to start a new series of games when the bot is idle 
!mystats: displays your statistics 
!finger (name): will display the statistics of another player
!myacro: insert your favorite acro for everyone to read
!topten: by itself will display the current top ten stats, 
!topten will also work using several cool additions.
Try the following:
"wins", "points", "games", "acros", "votes", "all" & "avg"

We look forward to playing with you. 
Enjoy the game! 

[Sommiel, Scherzo, opiate, 12/29/99]