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***** ABUSE *****

In general "abuse" is defined to be any action that would give you or
someone else a rating that is not "honest", either too high or too low.
Such actions include, but are not limited to:

1. Intentionally disconnecting in a lost position.
   Disconnecting in order to analyze the position.

2. Refusing to resume an adjourned game when the opponent asks. If you
   censor or "noplay" someone that you have an adjourned game with, you
   will probably lose the game by forfeit.

3. Intentionally losing games.  Resigning games when you are not lost.
   Accepting multiple wins from a player who is intentionally losing.

4. Using a computer without your account being on the computer list.  
   People have the right to know whether they are playing a human or 
   a computer.  See "help Speedtrap" for more info.

5. Allowing another person besides you to use your account.  Using another
   player's account.  Playing rated games against yourself on a second
   account, even if it is your account.

6. Receiving help from another player or computer while playing a rated game.

7. Playing the same line over and over against a computer, to gain rating
   points.  We will edit your rating to whatever we feel is reasonable if
   you do this.

Accounts that abuse, distort, or cheat the rating system on ICC may have
the ratings adjusted, may be added to the "disconnectors" list (causing
immediate loss upon disconnection), may be prevented from playing rated
games, or may lose their ICC account entirely.  These actions will be
taken at the sole discretion of the ICC administrators.

Repeated displays of poor sportsmanship (see "help guidelines") while
playing games on ICC may also constitute abuse, and admins may take
action if they decide it is necessary.

Behavior unrelated to ratings is discussed in "help atmosphere".

ICC does not officially have a policy against using opening books or
notes during your ICC games.  However, note that some players consider
this to be unethical.

See also: computers, atmosphere, agreement, contacts, guidelines,