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ICC Help: STtourney

           Play 4 rounds, one game each Tuesday.
                       P R I Z E S!

***ATTENTION: The tournament is run on automated bots. ***
   Automated bots used:  Pear -- for Open Sections.
                         Automato -- for U1500 Sections.

                          Four-Round Swiss
                          Time Control: 60 0
                          Rated Games

      Six Sections:
      Three different times with two sections in each:
          (All times listed are ICC Server Time)

            2PM ET:   Open
                      U1500 (Under 1500)

            8PM ET:   Open
                      U1500 (Under 1500)

            11PM ET:  Open
                      U1500 (Under 1500)

There are six separate sections to make playing convenient
for people in different time zones, and to allow you to play
against others near your rating.  

*** To play in the U1500 sections, your ICC standard rating must be
below 1500 and your "Best" Standard Rating must be below 1800 at entry.
Provisional rated players may only enter the open section. At the TDs
discretion, you may be entered into the open section regardless of your
current standard rating based on other ICC ratings and performance. ***

        Open section:  First Place -- Three months ICC membership
                       Best U2000  -- Two months ICC membership
                       Best U1700  -- Six weeks ICC membership

        U1500 section:  First Place -- Two months ICC membership
                        Best U1300  -- One month ICC membership

Your ICC Standard rating at entry determines your prize eligibility.
If you are provisional at that time, you are not eligible for any 
class prize, only for First Place in the Open Section. 
Class Prizes are not awarded to players who have a "Best" 
Standard Rating that exceeds that Class Rating by 300 points or more. 

       Prize distribution in each section is as follows:

First Place: Divided by all 1st place winner(s) regardless of rating.
Best-U2000: Divided by best equal score players rated 1700-1999.
Best-U1700: Divided by best equal score Open players rated under 1700.
Best-U1300: Divided by best equal score U1500 players rated under 1300.

** You must be an active player to win a prize.  If you forfeit without
 returning before the tourney ends you are not eligible for any prize.
 (You can request a "0" point Bye with a message to STtourney) **

*** You may may only win a Prize in one section per tourney. ***

          !!! You enter (Join) just before your section start time !!!

ICC Channel 32 is the STtourney Channel so please add that channel by
typing: "+ch 32".  Tourney information is announced in this channel
(including when the Tourney is Open for entry).  The Section TD will
also monitor this channel for STtourney questions.

   All Open Sections are managed by the Pear Bot "+ch 227".  
   All U1500 Sections are managed by Automato Bot "+ch 226".

* JOINING *  When the tourney is announced as "Open" in Channel 32,
 join by typing:
               /Tell Pear Join  - (To Join the Open Section)
               /Tell Automato Join  - (To Join the U1500 Section)

* Verify *
  To check your tourney status in any bot tourney type:
 /Tell 220 Status  You should see: (. Waiting ) - If you see:
(No  isn't one of my players) or ( # Forfeit ) ...  you
should inform the TD in channel 32.

Once entered you are registered for the entire month unless you are
forfeited out or withdrawn (on request). If you are forfeited or 
withdrawn, a "#" sign will appear to the left of your handle in the 
players list (See above).  In this case, try /tell pear latejoin or 
/tell automato latejoin  If this does not seem to work, notify your
Tournament Director (TD) by typing:  /Tell 32 Help, I can't join.

Players are also added to the STtourney Group so the TD can send group
messages with tourney information.  If you are in the tourney but not
yet added to the Group, ask the Section TD to add you.  If you do not
want Group messages ask the section TD to remove you or message
STtourney asking to be removed from the group.

All games are scheduled for Tuesday.  Playing Time depends on your
section and is ICC Server Time.  Type: /date on ICC to see the current
server time and compare it to your own time to avoid misunderstanding.

*Procedure For Playing*: Show up 15 minutes prior to the scheduled
time of your game. Please join and Verify as listed above.

The Open Section robot "Pear" or U1500 Section robot "Automato" will
spoof you with a match command against your opponent at starting time.
You just have to click a button to send it or accept one sent to you.

If your opponent is not present the Section TD will notice this and 
post a notice in Channel 32 that you can claim a forfeit win after 15
minutes. You have the choice to keep waiting or request a forfeit win.
The same process applies if your opponent is here, but is not accepting.

Pairings are posted by the tournament robot at the start of each round.
If you play your game at the scheduled time, there is no longer a need 
to report the result to the TD.  This is only necessary, if you and your
opponent agreed to reschedule the game to a later date.

***** Notice *****  To avoid players being stood up by a No-Show,
Only those players who are on ICC at game start time will be paired!

During the round, you can see standings by typing the following command:
  /Tell pear grid  -  (if you are in an Open section)
  /Tell automato grid - (if you are in an U1500 section)

The completed standings will be copied to ICC's web page:
no later than 10pm ICC Time on Thursday night.
Previous Tourney Results are also posted on the ICC web page:


a. USCF rules will be used for cases not handled automatically by
   ICC code (within the limitations of internet play).

  Late entry is permitted up to the second round with a half-point Bye 
  for the first round. If you are joining before the start of the 2nd 
  round type: /Tell  latejoin and you will get a 1st round Bye.

  Late round Byes are zero points but please avoid a forfeit by 
  requesting them in advance by message to STtourney and/or Section 
  TD/Manager.  In case of uneven number of players, one player will 
  receive a full-point Bye for that round. The manager of the 
  tournament cannot set who will receive such a Bye; it is done 
  automatically by the Bot.

  A player who does not appear for a round (or a rescheduled match)
  without prior notification can be forfeited from the tournament at
  the discretion of the tournament manager.  Re-Entry after a missed
  round is possible if you: Show up 15 minutes before to the next round
  starts and type: /Tell 32  TD, Please add me back into the tourney
  (Open or U1500)  You need to do that BEFORE the next round is paired.
  * NOTICE *  Only players present at game time will be paired.
  If you are in the tourney but not present you will be forfeited at
  game start time. If you not an active player in the final round, you
  can't win a prize (notify STtourney for "0" point bye requests).

  Rescheduled games are not encouraged. The automated bots will 
  not publish pairings ahead of time so playing before time is not 
  possible. Both players must be present at the round start time but 
  they can then agree to play their game at a later point in time. 
  BOTH players must send STtourney a message regarding the time and 
  date the game will be played.  The TD will set the  result of the 
  game to ".5 - .5" until the game is played.

  Rescheduled games must be played and reported in a message BY BOTH 
  PLAYERS to STtourney before 10PM on the Sunday before the next 
  round. If a rescheduled game is not played and neither player 
  reports the results, it will remain a draw as scored. The TD will 
  set the results of all rescheduled games before the start of the 
  next round.  

  If a player disconnects, he or she is given 15 minutes to  
  reconnect. Players who do not return within the 15 minutes 
  forfeit that game upon request from their opponent.  Every 
  effort must be made to finish the disconnected game per ICC 
  rules however that result shall not replace STtourney forfeit 
  result.  If your opponent disconnects frequently during the game
  please notify the TD.  The TD will forfeit any player for
  frequent disconnects if it is disruptive.

  Absolutely no aid from computer-playing programs is allowed.
  If ICC management suspects (we do not need to prove) computer
  use, you may be banned from all future Standard Tourneys.
  Also, people who have ever been "busted" by the ICC computer
  detection group are ineligible to play, even if they are no
  longer using computer programs on the ICC.  You may not receive
  assistance from other chess players during your games.  You may
  not have someone else play on your ICC account for you.  Either
  of these violate not only the STtourney rules, but also the ICC
  user agreement, and may result in banning from the ICC.

  Only players who are on ICC (at 2pm, 8pm, and 11pm)  and entered   
  into one of the sections will be paired.  If your opponent fails to 
  or refuses to start 15 minutes after the round has begun you may 
  claim a win by forfeit.  Type: /Tell 32 TD, I request a forfeit in my 
  game with (xxxx). Players may give up their right to claim this win 
  (and wait) to play an opponent.  They may also agree to reschedule 
  the Game but if so their game will be treated as any other 
  Rescheduled game and is subject to the same policy.  If both players 
  fail to start their game 15 minutes after the round starts and have 
  not messaged STtourney about rescheduling, then the game will be 
  scored "0-0" and both players risk being forfeited from the entire 
  tournament.  All forfeits and set-games are at the managers 
  discretion however the Bot does all the pairings so they can't be 
  changed once the round has started.

  In general, the manager will forfeit players who are not present at
  game start time to avoid having others wait for a No-Show opponent.
  This forfeit is without penalty but to re-join a player must latejoin
  a later round or ask the TD for help in re-joining the current  
  In particular, if you missed your game in the previous round, but 
  want to play in the current round, make sure you inform the TD in time
  (*** Before Pairings are made at game time***).  Otherwise you will not
  be paired for the current round.

i. DR Points
  Note that there are so called "dr-points" that can be given to players
  who are forfeited from the tournament for disruptive behavior.  When a
  player accumulates too many dr-points, he/she can be denied entry to 
  STtourney and other tournaments on ICC for a duration of one or more weeks.
  We also reserve the right to ban players from future STtourneys, 
  even if the player has not accumulated the amount of "dr-points" which
  normally leads to them being banned from tournaments on ICC.  

  If you wish to leave the tourney for any reason type: /tell  
  Leave ... if leaving after a completed game so you can play in 
  another  Bot tourney, please let the Section TD know and make sure 
  you are joined again before the next round begins.

The tournament manager oversees the tournament. He/she can make rulings 
on particular games or forfeit players from the tournament at his/her 
discretion. This applies in particular to situations of late starting,
lag problems, or disconnected players.

       Chief TD: chesskix
       Admin TD: Lisebeth
       Section TDs: (ST2pm-TD) - (ST8pm-TD) - (ST11pm-TD)

   *** Don't forget to watch Channel 32 "+ch 32" for announcements. ***