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***** RECORDER *****

Recorder, Replayer1, Replayer2, and the new MrSpock are a set of bots
designed to let you record and share chess lectures and analysis.

To use Recorder, examine a game, "/tell Recorder watch me", and then
make your moves and kibitz your commentary.  You can also draw
circles and arrows, go back and play alternative moves, and even edit
the position or use loadfen, and Recorder will take note of it all.
When you've finished, "/unexamine" (or close the game window), and
if there are other examiners of your game have them do so too.

To see the file-names of the lectures you have recorded, type 
"/tell Replayer1 listmine".  The replay a lecture, find or wait for
an available Replayer bot, say Replayer1, "/follow Replayer1",
then "/tell Replayer1 replay ".  You can also tell
it "faster", "slower", or "stop".

You can edit your lecture using the web form at
Using this method you can add some more commands besides the ones
that Recorder captured, but the Replayer bots won't just execute
any command you enter, only certain commands.  The lecture commands
it knows are:

- Chess moves, e.g. "e4"
- "kibitz "
- "circle "
- "arrow  "
- "back "
- "set wild "
- "examine"
- "loadfen "
- "tag  " e.g. "tag White Kasparov"
- "result " e.g. "result 1-0"
- "multi ..." or ";..." but only combinations of commands that it knows
- "%delayfactor " e.g. "%delayfactor 1.5" affects the delay
between commands.  The default value is 1.
- "%suggesttrainingbot " pops up a suggestion box (BlitzIn only)
- "%suggestproblembot " is similar
- "%listenfor  " -- see explanation below
- "%await   "

%listenfor and %await are an experimental way to try to make lectures
more interactive.  They go together.  The %listenfor line sets a pattern
to look for in the observers' kibitzes, presumably the answer to a
question.  Then the %await line has Replayer wait for at most 
seconds or until the answer has been kibitzed; if no one gives the
answer, Replayer proceeds to the next line, but if the answer is
given it skips  lines.

Here is an example lecture script that illustrates some of these
features.  This is Undertone_2002-04-08_16:55

set wild 0   
kibitz Undertone: The world's stupidest lecture
kibitz How to lose in two moves!
tag White me
tag Black you
;g4;%listenfor mate1 Qh4|qh4|Q-R5|Q-KR5
kibitz What is Black's best move?  Kibitz it.
%await mate1 10 7
kibitz Hint: Always check -- it might be mate!
%await mate1 5 5
%delayfactor 2.0
circle e1
arrow h4 e1
kibitz Nobody can guess?
arrow d8 h4
kibitz Try playing TrainingBot to practice finding mates!
%suggesttrainingbot 1732
kibitz That's all, folks!

The editing form also lets you set a title for the lecture, and to
choose a status for it, one of 
- recorded
- junk 
- private
- needs work
- public
- approved 

Only the official ICC editor can mark a lecture 'approved' or add
it to MrSpock's lists.  (It's not clear yet who that will be.) 
"/tell Replayer1 list" to list the approved lectures, and "help MrSpock"
to see its list.

See also: MrSpock, examine