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***** PGN *****  

Command : pgn
Examples: "pgn 5" -- shows the PGN format moves of game 5
          "pgn Fred" -- shows the PGN format moves of Fred's current game
          "pgn" -- shows PGN format moves for the game you are playing
                   or examining

List the moves of the game specified by its number or by the name of a
player playing it in Portable Game Notation format.  If no argument is
provided, and you are in a match, it lists the moves for your game.

This command is the same as the "moves" command, except for the format
of the output.

Use the spgn command for history, library or stored games.

If you have mailformat=2, the clock times are included in comments after
each move.

See also: moves, smoves, spgn, games, history, PGN-spec, tag, vars