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 ***** COOL-LIBS *****

Libraries of major chess events and current events!
Type "help libraries" for information on how libraries work.
For information about a particular library, do "finger " like
"finger Linares06".  Type "finger LibraryBot" to search for games
in these libraries

Type "liblist " to see the list of games in the library.
Type "finger " to see information about the games.
Type "examine  %5" to examine game 5 in one of the libraries.
Type "mailstore  %5" to email game 5 to yourself.

Please note that library game numbers have a % (percent) sign in front.

 *** New Libraries ****

Type "event" for current ICC event coverage.

The following files contain library names:

"help 2016-libs"           Major events 2016.
"help 2015-libs"           Major events 2015.
"help 2014-libs"           Major events 2014.
"help 2013-libs"           Major events 2013.
"help 2012-libs"           Major events 2012.
"help 2011-libs"           Major events 2011.
"help 2010-libs"           Major events 2010.
"help 2009-libs"           Major events 2009.
"help 2008-libs"           Major events 2008.
"help 2007-libs"           Major events 2007.
"help 2006-libs"           Major events 2006.
"help 2005-libs"           Major events 2005.
"help 2004-libs"           Major events 2004.
"help 2003-libs"           Major events 2003.
"help 2002-libs"           Major events 2002.
"help 2001-libs"           Major events 2001.
"help 2000-libs"           Major events 2000.
"help 1999-libs"           Major events 1999.
"help 1998-libs"           Major events 1998.
"help 1997-libs"           Major events 1997.
"help hist-libs"           Historical chess events.
"help WC-libs"             All world championships.

You can ask Lyon if you can't find an event in these lists.

See also:  libraries, search, history, examine, sposition