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***** CC-QUADS *****

ICC Correspondence Quad Tournaments!

The Internet Chess Club has Correspondence Quads!

There are 4 players in a Quad. You play 2 games (one with White
and one with Black) against each of your 3 opponents, for a total of
6 games simultaneously. The games for these quad events are not rated.

For rated correspondence play, type and read "news 1623", "help CC-Events",
and "help CC-Rating".

You play against people close to your own strength.  There are
5 sections, and a Director's account for each section:

Director's account
Corr1400            Players rated under 1400.    No computers.
Corr1800            Players rated 1400 to 1799.  No computers.
Corr2200            Players rated 1800 to 2199.  No computers.
CorrMaster          Players rated 2200 and over. No computers.
CorrComputer        Computers, computer assistance, friend assistance.

***   Entering is a commitment by you to finish all the games, to play within 
***   the time control, and to treat the Director and players politely. 

To enter:

Before entering a Quad, please read all the rules in this file
carefully, and read "help correspondence".

To enter a Quad tournament, send an ICC message to the Director's
account for the section you would like to play.  For example:

    message Corr1400 I would like to play a correspondence Quad.

The ratings for each section are based on your ICC standard rating at
the time of your entry.  If you do not have an established standard
rating, but you do have an established blitz rating, please enter the
section for your blitz rating.

You may enter more than one time.  After the Quad begins for your first
entry, you may send another message and enter another Quad.

The Director:

As soon as the Director receives requests from 4 players, the Director
will form another Quad tournament and inform you that your 6 games have


1) In all sections you may use notes, chess books, and chess databases.

2) You may use chess-playing programs and help from friends ONLY in the
"CorrComputer" section.  Please do not use computer programs or get
help from friends in any of the other sections.  The other sections
are meant to be a test of one-on-one human skill.  You are on the
honor system.  Please don't spoil the fun for the other players.

3) The time limit is 30 days for 10 moves.  For example, after you
complete your 10th move, you must have used less than 30.00 days.
You must use less than 60.00 days total to complete your 20th move,
etc.  You can see how much time you have used for your completed
moves in each game by typing "cc-list".

4) If your opponent has used too much time, please use the "cc-ask"
command which will go to the tournament director of your section. The
usage for the cc-ask command is explained in "help correspondence".
Players will be given one time warning by the Director.  On a second
violation, they will lose the game.

5) If you are going on a vacation, you must send a message to your
Director and all of your opponents.  You are limited to 30 days of
vacation each calendar year.  The Director will record your vacation
request and take it into account if a time complaint is sent about you.

6) Please send questions and complaints to your Director using the
cc-ask command described in "help correspondence".

See also: correspondence, CC-Events, CC-Rating, CC-Winners