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***** CC-Events *****

There are several events that you can choose to participate in that
are part of the rated correspondence program. All events described
below are going to be rated (see "help CC-Rating").

To become a member of the rated correspondence program, simply fill out
the form at:
You only need to submit the form once. Once you are a member, you then
message CorrEvent which event(s) you would like to sign up for.
(Example: message correvent I would like to play in a rated Quad)

Depending on others that may be interested in the same event that
you sign up for, an event may be started within a day or may take
up to a week or more. As the availability of players will vary, the
time it takes to start an event may fluctuate.

For all rated events, COMPUTER USE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You may refer
to books and other printed material, as well as databases, but you may
NOT use any chess-playing engine for assistance.

* Events *

The events that are offered are listed below. Suggestions from
correspondence members will determine what events are to be offered
in the future.

2 game match: Pairing with an opponent rated within 200 points of you.
One game as white, one game as black.

Trio: Pairing with 2 opponents rated within 200 points of you. One game
as white and one game as black with each opponent, for a total of 4

Quad: Same format as "help CC-Quads", except rated, and no computer
section.  3 opponents with one game as white and one with black against
each opponent, for a total of 6 games.
These sections are paired in the following rating groups:
u1400, 1400-1799, 1800-2199, 2200+

7-player Open section: These sections are open to players of all ratings.
Each person will have 6 games, 3 as white and 3 as black. Rank sorted by
rating follows USCF rules for pairing round robin sections in order to
determine white and black colors.

Class Tournament: Open to 5 members within each rating class. The rating
classes are u1200, 1200-1499, 1500-1799, 1800-2199, and 2100+.
You will play 2 games as white and 2 games as black.

Swiss Tournament: There will be one game per round for these tournaments.
These tournaments will start with 16 players. As soon as there are 16
players, the tournament will begin. The next tournament will open up
immediately after and start with 16 players. Pairings will be done
according to rules for pairing Swiss events in USCF rulebook.

Elimination: These events will start with 16 players. There will be 2
with each opponent.  The winner of the 2 game match advances to the next
round. If there is a tied match, the lower rated player will advance.

The CorrEvent TD will also set up a match between any two members,
no matter the ratings, if both players message CorrEvent their desire
to play each other. The match can be either be 2, 4, or 6 games.

1) In all sections you may use notes, chess books, and chess databases.

2) You may use chess-playing programs and help from friends ONLY in the
unrated "CorrComputer" section.  Please do not use computer programs 
or get help from friends in any of the other sections.  The other
sections are meant to be a test of one-on-one human skill.  You are on
honor system.  Please don't spoil the fun for the other players.

3) The time limit is 30 days for 10 moves.  For example, after you
complete your 10th move, you must have used less than 30.00 days.
You must use less than 60.00 days total to complete your 20th move,
etc.  You can see how much time you have used for your completed
moves in each game by typing "cc-list".

4) If your opponent has used too much time, please use the "cc-ask"
command which will go to the tournament director of your section. The
usage for the cc-ask command is explained in "help correspondence".
Players will be given one time warning by the Director.  On a second
violation, they will lose the game.

5) If you are going on a vacation, you must send a message to the
"CorrAbsence" account and all of your opponents. You are limited to
30 days of vacation each calendar year. The Director will record your
vacation request and take it into account if a time complaint is sent
about you.

6) Please send questions and complaints to your Director using the
cc-ask command described in "help correspondence".

For any questions, send a message to "StesurBarsa" while logged onto
ICC, or send an email to

See also: CC-Rating, correspondence