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              ***** BlitzChamps *****

GM Zhao Jun from China (CK-324) and GM Dmitry Gurevich from USA (barbos) 
are the two players classified to the FIDE Blitz World Championship! 
The Qualifier was played by 153 FIDE titled players.


   1 CK-324         (3214) 10.0 / 12
   2 Barbos         (2245)  9.5 / 12
   3 DoctorWatson   (2842)  9.0 / 12
   4 D-Fernandez    (3054)  9.0 / 12
   5 Dreev          (3145)  9.0 / 12
   6 Imperator15    (2893)  9.0 / 12
   7 LeonHoyos      (3004)  9.0 / 12
   8 Dotsent        (3166)  8.5 / 12
   9 Bochkarev      (3044)  8.5 / 12
  10 Oligarkh       (3466)  8.0 / 12

Note. As GM Zhao Jun has other obligations (team match France vs. China), 
he cannot take part in the Israel tournament. Therefore, third-placed 
GM Gagunashvili will be the second ICC qualifier to the tournament 
alongside GM Gurevich.

- Read further information, full grid, prizes and rules:
- Download ziped 135kb PGN file with all games
- You can see full grid with the command "/tell pear grid 729"
- Read ICC "news 1861" (12-Aug-06)
- You can learn more about the FIDE World Blitz Championships at

The ICC Blitz Champs have been cancelled (see "news 1861"), but we still
have two tickets to the FIDE World Blitz Championship available.

Because of the short time until the tournament in Israel is supposed
to start (September 5 until September 8), it has been decided to run
a quick qualification tournament, which is open to all players, who 
have an account with a FIDE title on ICC (GM/IM/FM/WGM/WIM/WFM).

In the event that the above tournament does not take place, ICC will
pay a sum of USD 500 to each of the two players who qualify in this
qualification tournament instead.

Please make sure to read the following to understand the rules of this
event and how you can take part.

The qualifier took place at Sunday, August 20, 1pm server time.

It will be a Swiss pairings, 12 rounds tournament, ICC rated, with a
time control of 3 1.

The players in first and second position will receive a ticket to the
FIDE World Blitz Championships (or USD 500 if that tournament does not
take place).

In case of ties, the usual tiebreaks in ICC tournaments will be employed.
To learn about those, type "tell tomato help tie" on ICC.


Show up using your FIDE titled account some minutes before 1pm server 
time on Sunday, August 20. Then issue the command

      tell pear join

This will put you into the tournament. After that, simply stay logged on
and follow the instructions on your screen.

Show up in time. Latejoining is possible, but you will start with zero points.


Eligible to join are ICC members who have a FIDE title. The title must show up
in your ICC account.

Use of computer chess engines and databases while playing is strictly prohibited.
Assistance from other players is also prohibited. 

An approved interface must be used throughout the event (for example: Blitzin 2.31 or 

ICC can request participants to give their real name, country, FIDE title, playing 
location, contact email and contact telephone number at any stage during the tournament.
If a player fails to give ICC this information in a timely manner, or gives ICC false
information, he can be disqualified from the tournament.

Your real name, country and FIDE title can be made public by ICC during or after the
tournament. Your address, telephone number and email will not be made public.

In case a player is disqualified from a running tournament, the ICC tournament directors
can, at their discretion, rule that the game of that player in the running round is lost
for him, and won for his opponent. However, results by that player in prior rounds will
not be reverted. 

The ICC tournament directors may at their discretion make a ruling on a particular game,
eject a player from a tournament or refuse to allow a player to join a tournament for any
reason including but not limited to: failure to show up on time or to start a game on
time, concern that the player's internet connection is not reliable enough for the game
to finish in a timely manner, suspicion of chess computer use, suspicion that a player is
receiving assistance, suspicion that a player has intentionally lowered his rating, or
the fact that this player has been caught violating ICC rules in the past. 

See also: tournaments, event, event2, Weekly, tomato, U1500, 
          Over1500, Thematic, manager-new, CRONOS, upi2006