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Tomato hosts 150K Celebration! 

To mark reaching 150,000 tourneys on since its inception, 
Tomato will host the 150K Celebration tourney at 3pm server time (15:00 EDT) 
on Saturday, April 20. Tomato Celebration tourneys are among the largest 
tournaments held on There are no entry fees and everyone is 
welcome to play! 

There will be CASH prizes worth 310 USD and almost 6 years in free months! 

1st: 120 USD 
2nd:  80 USD 
3rd:  60 USD 
4th:  50 USD 
5th: 6 free months 
6th: 4 free months 
7th-10th:  2 free months each 
11th-20th: 1 free month each 

Class prizes: 
There will be class prizes for U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600, U1400, and U1200. 
Each class winner receives 4 free months, second in each class 2 free months, 
and third in each class 1 free month. 

Free trial members may participate, but they are not eligible to win any prizes. 

The tournament will be a 9 round, 4 2 swiss and will be held on the Tomato bot, 
channel 46. No pre-registration is required. Just be logged on while the
tourney is open and type: tell Tomato join ! 
For general information on Tomato tourneys and how they work, please read 
"help Tomato". 

COMPUTERS: Absolutely no aid from chess-playing programs is 
allowed. If ICC management suspects (we do not need to prove) 
computer-use, you may be forfeited from the tournament, and you may 
lose your ICC membership. 

SANDBAGGING: ICC will not tolerate intentionally losing games in 
order to make yourself eligible for a prize in a lower rating class. 
Anyone caught doing so will be immediately forfeited from the 
tournament and will be ineligible for any prize in the 150K Celebration. 

ASSISTANCE: You may not receive assistance from other chess players 
during your games. You may not have someone else play on your ICC 
account for you. 

Players who have cheated in the past may be denied entry. 

LAG/LATESTARTING: People who lag more than 5000ms may be denied entry. 
The tournament manager can forfeit participants who delay the tournament due to 
excessive lag, latestarting games, or a combination of both. 
Application and interpretation of this rule is at the sole discretion of the 
tournament manager. 

DISCONNECTIONS: Players who are missing for 10 minutes or more may be 
forfeited from the tournament, even if they finished the running round, 
if the tournament manager has reason to believe that they might not return 
for further rounds. 

RULES FOR PRIZES: Free trials are not eligible to win any prizes. Should an 
exempted account (GM/IM) account win free months, that prize will be given to 
the next best person. Prizes are non-cumulative. Should a person win two prizes, 
he/she will receive the higher prize only, and the other will go to the next 
best player. 

1) Blitz rating at the start of the tourney must be below the Class limit. 
2) The player must have played at least 50 blitz games BEFORE the start of the 
3) The best blitz rating of the player must not exceed 250 points higher than 
the Class limit. Example: To win an U1400 prize, best blitz cannot be higher 
than 1650. 
This regulation extends to any other known account the player has had on ICC 
in the past. There is no appeal against the decision of disqualifying a player 
because of the suspicion that he/she had an account with a best rating above 
the limit in the past. 
4) A player must not have been caught dumping games at ANY time in the past, 
as documented in his/her customer file. There is no appeal against the decision 
of disqualifying a player from a Class prize because of dumping. 

MISC: The ICC and Tournament Director reserve the right to refuse
participation and/or prize eligibility, for any person, for any
reason. The ICC reserves the right to change the format of the
tournament without notice. By joining, you agree to the above
rules, and give ICC the right to use your name in crosstables, press
announcements, and other promotional materials about this tournament.

We hope to see you there! Have fun and good luck!! :-)