Please can someone explain what the heck is going on here…...
Posted: 02 July 2017 01:55 PM  
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I have played hundreds of games without my opp ever making a blunder ( this is only a very slight exaggeration ).

Why are there always exactly (or almost) the same faces time and time again in the tournies. ( or most of the time ).

Why is it that when I win a game in the pools my next opponent is lower ranked the the one I just played?! ... and that
I only get a stronger opponent when I lose.

On one occaision I questioned the veracity of my opponents ping times. (they were all sub 20ms).
This would indicate a man in the middle attack or as I prefer to call it a piggy in the middle attack!!!
If you are in any doubt as to the meaning of this please consult with Freebird.

Or could all this be explained because the ICC believes I’m cheating?! and has me playing engines on my comp.
If this later posiblity is indeed true then please refund me in full and save me from wasting my time any longer thanks.

In the old days the ICC used to be a great site but of late I’m afraid it’s been abysmal.

Awaiting your exlpanations.