In Tournaments, games should start with a 10 sec grace period
Posted: 28 November 2014 04:59 AM  
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One of the most annoying things about tournaments on this site is that players often take 3-5mins to start their game, while you have to sit there and twiddle your thumbs, and can’t even go for a break because you don’t know if they will start or not.

Other chess sites start games automatically at the start of the new round, and clocks begin ticking after 10 seconds, which gives people time to start. This encourages people not to latestart.

This would make the tournament experience a lot more enjoyable.

Posted: 19 January 2015 12:50 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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You asked and we listened!  All games will now have a built-in 10 second grace period.  This new feature is live on chess server!

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