How play chess?
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Hello, Im beginer of chess, my rating is 1050, i always defeats. My victories because of luck. What should i do to become strong player?Ty and sry for my bad english.

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There are a lot of things you can do to improve your game.

You can take lessons; ICC has got a number of excellent teachers:

You can watch the hundreds of instructional videos that ICC’s members have access to:

And fo course you can keep playing, and check your games with a chess engine, to see where you went wrong.

Also, ICC has a lot of robots you can play against, to improve your chess. Here is a list:

BabyBach   “play BabyBach”  500-1000   900-1200   600-800        
BachChoy   “play BachChoy”  800-1000   1000-1300
ReBach   “play ReBach”    800-1100   1200-1500
StrongBach “play StrongBach” 1700-1900 1800-2000    
JSBach   “play JSBach”    1800-2000 1900-2100
PDQBach   “play PDQBach”  1000-1200 1400-1600
JackBach   “play JachBach”  1200-1500
WimpB     “play WimpB”    1600-1900
WimpC     “play WimpC”    1300-1600                
WimpD     “play WimpD”    1100-1300                
WimpE     “play WimpE”    900-1100                
BulletB   “play BulletB”  1500-1700                
BulletC   “play BulletC”  1200-1500                
BulletD   “play BulletD”          600-1300        
SlowFlo   “play SlowFlo”                  1000-1200
SlowMoe   “play SlowMoe”                  1700-2000
SlowBo   “play SlowBo”                  1800-2100
BethO     “play BethO”                  1600-1900
Tortoise   “play Tortoise”                1600-1900
Molasses   “play Molasses”                1500-1800

You can also practice some endgames with the following bots:

KBNk “play KBNk”    Mate with King+Bishop+Knight vs King
KQkn “play KQKn”    Mate with King+Queen vs King+Knight
KQkr “play KQkr”    Mate with King+Queen vs King+Rook
KRkn “play KRkn”    Mate with King+Rook vs King+Knight
KBBk “play KBBk”    Mate with King+Bishop+Bishop vs King
KQk “play KQk”      Mate with King+Queen vs King
KRk “play KRk”      Mate with King+Rook vs King

And there are two robots that will help you improve your tactic:

TrainingBot “play TrainingBot”  Practice chess problems
ProblemBot   “play ProblemBot”  Compositions only

I hope this helps!

Have fun.