Want something productive to do?
Posted: 24 January 2017 08:18 AM  
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I left Data online for a while, but once people noticed the change to the prize fund it turned into a ghost-town.  Rather than just sit idle I now donate CPU cycles to stockfish development.  It’s easy to do and even comes with an auto-installer.  If you’re bored too, come crunch some code to make stockfish better!

you can find easy install instructions at:  https://github.com/glinscott/fishtest/wiki/A-portable-fishtest-worker-for-Windows-64-bit

If I see one of you online (and I’m at home) I’ll login to see if we can get a game going, but it just seemed a waste to sit idle 22 hours a day.

Hopefully they will bring the tourney back one day =8-)