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Dear All
I m ICC Lover, and I m sure most of you also are.

Back to past time, I played on another USA Chess Site, not ICC. But after Trying ICC, I Found ICC is MUCH BETTER PLACE than The Another Site.

But Couple weeks ago,  I’ve Won secondary money prize on The another Site I mentioned before. The tournament makes me play there And I am Shocked because I Find They are Really improved a lot in many things. Especially after they chose an IM to be their vice president who is quite creative & famous.

The Whole Point is I am really afraid if in case ICC will lose popularity & interesting point, because the competitor provides free charge playing.

Now, I m really thinking that ICC needs New Program to make It more interesting and not just Regularry Rolling.
So, in this forum instead of suggesting improvement of detail matter in ICC like Easy Using Database, Easy Using Finger, Easier New Interface etc ( which I found many of us wrote about that ) , I Think Usefull thing is If we TOGETHER suggest new program for ICC.

TOGETHER we give ideas in this forum for our ICC improvement.

Let’s Start from Things which not too much Require money & Expendicture. Because That Type of Ideas has higher chance to be reallized.

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People navigate to ICC because they know well that its reputation is solid. It’s been around for 20 years. Everyone that’s serious about their chess eventually finds their way to ICC. Top IM’s and GM’s find their way to ICC when you would not find them on competitor sites. If you want to play *serious* chess online, ICC is where it’s at. I agree with BoardOfWar - I do not want ICC’s prestige to go away because it starts to open its doors to freebies and casuals. This is serious chess folks. You want freebies - turn to their competitor and ICC will be better for it.

Just my 0.02.