ICC World Cup or World chess championship
Posted: 19 November 2014 05:27 PM  
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I Think thats great Idea. If we Hold World Cup or World Chess Championship on ICC. we can make Qualifying Tournament based on Country. Of course USA has to get much more slots. We Can take 64 players based on Country or Continental. Knock out system is interesting bacause we dont have it on all ICC tournaments. And the winner will be ICC AMATEUR WORLD CHESS CHAMPION. the next periode ( maybe 3 months or 6 months ) the next winner will ibe CHALLENGER and play match with DEFFENDING CHAMPION. maybe Latter to make it more interesting we can make kind of CANDIDATE tournament. Every periode will be held in 3 months or 6 months.
I Think this would be interesting therefore will make more player to be MEMBER of ICC. Because the essence of playing chess is Competitive Tournament !
I would like to be Volunteeer Manager or Admin if I m asked.

Chess friends, any of you interested to play AMATEUR ICC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP?

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