Suggestion fo the iPhone app: Clock placement
Posted: 31 October 2016 02:26 PM  
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To me the clocks placed at the top of the board, left for white and right side for block is not intuitive. Many times I confused my time to that of my opponent. The best place for the clocks, of course, is the left side of the board, and my clock is nearest to my side. But I know that there are space constraints, so I’m suggesting 2 options:
1) Use the top and bottom space: the top displays my opponent’s clock, and mine at the bottom; or
2) Both clocks on top, as in the current iPhone app, but my clock is ALWAYS displayed on the left side, regardless of the color I play.

I also consider that some may like the current layout, so at least make the clock placements as settings.

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Nice suggestion!

Thank you smile