Standard Time Control Bots in the 1900-2300 Ratings Gap?
Posted: 05 July 2016 09:42 PM  
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Would it be possible to add more standard time control bots to the seek graph? Right now, there is Heyyynnow, SlowMoe, and SlowBo caps off this list in the 1700-1800+ rating range. The very next bots we see are xeroz and standardplayer, the former in the 2300+ rating range and the latter north of 2400.

With the above information, it is obvious there is a *major* rating gap between SlowBo and xeroz. I’m asking if ICC can get another one on the seek graph that is say… in the 2100 rating area, which would be around my level - and cover the 1900-2200+ rating range easily.

Thank you and I hope you implement this as I for one would love to play a match against it. Cheers