Blitz Mini-Marathon
Posted: 06 January 2020 10:57 AM  
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Our next Blitz Mini-Marathon will be Saturday, Jan 11th, 2020 there will be another 12 hr Blitz Mini-Marathon with tons of Prizes, and type: /finger blitzmarathon for more info.  Start time is 10am to 10pm server time in Cooly ch 224, Prizes- 1st = 2 mo, 2nd = 1 mo, and 3rd =2 weeks. for BEST Players and Most Games played, plus in addition there will be 1 Random Draw for 1 month of ICC membership per hour.

Join the FUN because ANYBODY can win prizes.

ICC Blitz Mini-Marathon

Jan 11th, 2020—14 tourneys 96 rounds 86 players

type: /tell tomato series Best or Most jan-mini
BEST: 1.Manolobarroalve 2. Rubinstejn 3. Stin
MOST: 1. ivancele 2. JUGGERNOT 3. Railroad1

(1) FatMaHa (2) oleg3091 (3) leonardoalmeida (4) counterpoint (5) PearlKnight (6) ivancele (7) JUGGERNOT
(8) ernestorondon (9) stin (10) Rubinstejn (11) TwoEqualsOne (12) Manolobarroalve

ICC Blitz Mini-Marathon

14 tourneys 94 rounds 106 players

Here are our winners from the November Mini-Marathon:

(Best): type: /tell tomato series best nov-mini
1st: smoothg 2nd: Kusox 3rd: kabindra

(Most): type: /tell tomato series most nov-mini
1st: hartsville54 2nd: kabindra 3rd: carlito78

(Random Draw Winners) 1. Ramedlaw 2.FootDoc 3.kabindra 4.kusox 5.onti 6.touchthis 7.bnn 8.Spirals 9.carlito78 10.hartsville54 11.kingsizepawn 12.weezil