ICC Standard Tourney (STtourney)
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I encourage everyone to play in the ICC Standard Tourney.  This is Real Standard Chess that is hard to find on the net and ICC provides it to members for free.

Play in ICC’s Monthly Standard Tournament - WIN PRIZES!

This is a 60.0 four round Swiss Tourney. excaim

One round is played each Tuesday (four rounds per month).

You may choose from one of six different sections! We run both the
“Open” and “U1500” sections at 2pm, 8pm, and 11pm (ICC Server Time).
**(U1500 Section will not run with less than 8 players ... however
Players can join the Open section and All prizes will be awarded)**

Join the Fun! 1st Place and Class Prizes are awarded in each section! grin

Players at every level are enjoying challenging games and winning ICC
membership extensions every month.

To Join The Tourney

** Need an account?  CLICK HERE **
** Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of your section. **
** Add The STtourney Channel to your channel list (Type: “+ch 32”) **
** You will see announcements that the Tourney is Open in Channel 32 **
** Type: /Tell Pear Join to enter the Open Section **
** Type: /Tell Automato Join to enter the U1500 Section **

Please read the help STtourney file on ICC for the tourney rules.

You can also find more information by typing: /finger STtourney while on ICC.
Por favor, consulte el apartado   /finger STtourneyEurope para informacion en espanol.

The TD notes for each section (ST2pm-TD -  ST8pm-TD -  ST11pm-TD) have links to the Current Month Standings and Grid numbers.
The Prize winners and links to the final standings are posted to the StWinners account at the end of each month.  /finger StWinners

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Thanks for the post - I’ll try it.

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