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Rating Bonus
Posted: 23 September 2019 02:21 PM  
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Before I get started let me say I know the ratings within ICC are not connected with FIDE or the USCF. But all three use approximately the same scale (1000 to 2500 will include most of the players). With that in mind ICC usually lags behind, we would expect an IM to be 2300+ but on ICC it is common to see an IM 1700-1800, a NM would be 2200+ but again on ICC lower. Also if you look at a large number of profiles you will see personal best years old 400 to 1000 points higher than their current rating. This leads me to believe that the overall ratings are treading down. Which is unfortunate because most of us measure improvement by an increased rating. With that in mind I suggest a rating bonus, say every 100 games played in the various pools you get an additional X number of rating points (say 10). Think about this if I play 100 games I probably learned something either something that works or something that doesn’t. Over time hopefully my rating would increase and the overall pool would become closer to FIDE or USCF. Look at this another way this would encourage me (and everyone else) to play more; more play=more players=more revenue for ICC=more money to give back to players, either through decreased dues, more viedos, more tournaments with prizes etc.

Posted: 23 September 2019 03:32 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Thank you for the interesting suggestion!

I forwarded your post to the ICC management.