Monthly Scheduled Tournament Winners
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Here, the winner of Tomato’s monthly prize series are presented.

Please notice that the positions here do not necessarily correspond
to the actual 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Players who win in two different series,
receive only a maximum of one and a half months (previously only one month)
and others would move up then.

Any irregularities in play, such as using assistance, throwing games, etc. will
disqualify you. All standard ICC rules and regulations are applied here.


July 2019
Listed in Order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Early Morning  
/tell Tomato series best jul-early Best     Irenaeus MoodyMaster stin
/tell Tomato series most jul-early most Irenaeus stin NightsTour    
  Irenaues has max 6 in EM
/tell Tomato series best jul-chronos Best MoodyMaster Tudorache Irenaeus
/tell Tomato series most jul-chronos most Irenaeus stin Counterpoint  
  Irenaues has max 6 in EM
/tell Tomato series best jul-weekday Best Ahijah PITCHUS GrandPatzer5
/tell Tomato series most jul-weekday most Ahijah FatMaHa uggi    
  Ahijah has max 6 in WD
/tell Tomato series best jul-dstand   Best MovingDutchman MrPositive / phaser
/tell Tomato series most jul-dstand   most ralphmcn   ROWLAND / dulcamara
/tell Tomato series best jul-nightly Best buboy HPG1947 PITCHUS
/tell Tomato series most jul-nightly most HPG1947 buboy blackending
U1500Best billiethekid ElMarginal Cramagica    
U1500Most jbow79 BillietheKid Cramagica
/tell Tomato series best jul-sleepless Best schastlivchik alebau Samshe
/tell Tomato series most jul-sleepless most schastlivchik alebau Samshe
Sunday Blitz  
/tell Tomato series best jul-sunblitz Best stin Jesus President leonardoalmeida
/tell Tomato series most jul-sunblitz most stin President Kazan
/tell yenta grid 2320 Best Ecuadorian jjmalo realityczech

June 2019
Listed in Order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Early Morning  
Best Irenaeus grunhyde stin
most Irenaeus grunhyde ROWLAND

Best Tudorache Irenaeus lagarto300
most Irenaeus lagarto300 Tudorache
Best Ahijah PITCHUS GrandPatzer5
most Ahijah ernfrid ebochess
Best MovingDutchman Pawntrader66 ROWLAND
most ralphmcn ROWLAND Phaser
Best buckaroo buboy trucker
most jbow79 buckaroo trucker
U1500Best BillietheKid President ElMarginal
U1500Most jbow79 BillietheKid Kazan
Best buboy schastlivchik Capayespada
most schastlivchik buboy Capayespada
Sunday Blitz  
Best stin king-lear RonnieBurton
most stin RonnieBurton Duguesclin kabindra
MonthlyStandard (2314) 
Best Smallerville jjmalo Ecuadorian

May 2019
Listed in Order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Early Morning  
Best Irenaeus Tudorache born2die
most Irenaeus born2die NightsTour
Best Tudorache Irenaeus grunhyde lagarto300
most Irenaeus counterpoint Tudorache
Best Ahijah hartsville54 MastStratocaste
most hartsville54 Ahijah onti
Best MovingDutchman Pawntrader66 ROWLAND
most ralphmcn dulcamara Pawntrader66
Best HPG1947 trucker buboy
most blackending HPG1947 trucker
U1500Best billiethekid ElMarginal Kazan
U1500Most ChipRizzo jbow79 Kazan
Best schastlivchik alebau Capayespada
most schastlivchik alebau Capayespada
Sunday Blitz  
Best stin President kabindra
most President   vpeichev
stin   MrsPiggy
MonthlyStandard (2306) 
Best lovetoplaychess modern-kunj realityczech

April 2019
Listed in Order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Early Morning  
Best     MastStratocaste Irenaeus MoodyMaster
most     Irenaeus CeffylDu     JimboPi
Best     lagarto300 Irenaeus MoodyMaster Tudorache
most       Irenaeus stin CeffylDu
Best     MastStratocaste Ahijah PITCHUS   schastlivchik
most   Ahijah onti     MastStratocaste
Best       Phaser MrPositive dulcamara
most ralphmcn dulcamara Pawnchain
Best       HPG1947 ElMarginal blackending
most   HPG1947   jbow79 ChipRizzo
U1500 Best BillietheKid maisognahadi Mano
U1500 Most ChipRizzo BillietheKid Kazan
Best       schastlivchik alebau Ira57
most Ira57 schastlivchik alebau
Sunday Blitz  
Best       President GrandPatzer5 vpeichev stin
most       President onti       MrsPiggy
MonthlyStandard (2299) 
grid 2299 Best jimalo nhh realityczech

February 2019
Listed in Order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Early Morning:
Best: 1st: Tudorache (135.5) 2nd: Irenaeus (113.0) 3rd: cool64chess (102.5)
Most: 1st: Irenaeus (194) 2nd: CeffylDu & JimboPi (192)

Best: 1st: FatMaHa (68.5) 2nd: batmanchita (64.0) 3rd: lagarto300 (59.5)
Most: 1st: RM3 (125) 2nd: FatMaHa (121) 3rd: Tudorache (105)

Best: 1st: Ahijah (136.5) 2nd: primerpaso (94.5) 3rd: uggi (79.5)
Most: 1st: hartsville54 (200) 2nd: Ahijah (180) 3rd: primerpaso (176)

Daily Standard:
Best: 1st: MrPositive (57.5) 2nd: afTrolle21 (52.5) 3rd: Pawntrader66 (48.0)
Most: 1st: Pawntrader66 (79) 2nd: ROWLAND, afTrolle21 & MrPositive (76)

Sleepless Nights:
Best: 1st: buboy (228.5) 2nd: alebau (224.5) 3rd: Capayespada (196.0)
Most: 1st alebau (366) 2nd: Capayespada (342) 3rd: schastlivchik (336)

Monthly Standard:
Best: 1st: cool64chess & lovetoplaychess (9) & 3rd: jjimalo & Ecuadorian (6.5)

Best: 1st: buboy (90.0) 2nd: HPG1947 (86.5) 3rd: trivialpursuit (71.0)
Most: 1st: jbow79 (133) 2nd: ChipRizzio (129) 3rd: HPG1947 (119)

Nightly U1500:
Best: 1st: trivialpursuit (71.0) 2nd: ElMarginal (54.0) 3rd: M