How to see our Scheduled Tournaments
Posted: 28 February 2018 01:32 PM  
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The Tomato (Tournament) team has a system for finding our Scheduled Tournaments on any given day. Here are some ways to find them:
2. Any Interface look in the Events Area - they are listed each day
3. In any text box you can type: /finger tomatotuesday or even /finger tomatowednesday and you will see all the scheduled tourneys listed there.
4. You can simply sit back and watch in Channel 221 where ALL our tournaments are announced.

Additionally you can see a list of all our USCF Events by typing /help uscf.

We also have a couple of EXTRA tournaments with Long Time Controls so here is an example of two:
  The STC Bunch hosts a tournament here on ICC every Sunday at 1 PM. 3 rounds of 45 0 called the Sunday Swiss
  The STTourney also holds a tournament here on ICC every Tuesday 3 times a day: 2 PM; 8 PM and 11 PM
  ICC also hosts the TKC (Titanium King Challenge) 45 5 / 4 rounder at 11 PM on Wednesday nights