Latest update to server created a problem
Posted: 08 December 2017 09:05 PM  
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Since the update I have run into players in the 5 minute pool where lag was unbearable. There are two problems. One is that players are able to enter a pool with lag that does meet the requirements. For instance

bazaa is averaging 1806 ms latency (224 samples, std dev 8622 ms)
Pinging bazaa.
Ping time to bazaa: 203 milliseconds.
ob bazaa
You are now observing game 851

This is not the only occurrence. I have pinged people after they timed out and they were already playing a new game with lag of multiple seconds in one case and always greater than 1 second. The other thing I am seeing is that sometimes during these periods of opponent lag my clock stops and when it restarts I lose a huge chunk of time, in one case 45 seconds. And when I ping myself i see ping of 100 ms with same std dev so how do I lose 45 seconds due to my opponents lag. All of this started after the last update.