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Matt Nicholson.

Canadian National Master. Paramedic.

I’m not the greatest player in the world but I’m getting better lately.  My peak rating was 2346 but I probably needed to lose a few games at that level before I got used to playing against players that strong. I think I’ll probably do better at that level next time I compete. My current rating is 2304 and I feel like I actually deserve it.

I wish I could play in more real world tournaments.  ICC is consolation to some extent.  A big pet peeve of mine is that most games are 5-10 moves of theory, followed by 2 or 3 serious moves, and then another 60 moves closing out a clearly winning position.  In real tournaments people resign sooner, and if they don’t at least I have the satisfaction of watching them suffer.

Maybe we’ll meet OTB one day!

-Matt Nicholson


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