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I am FM Ryan Harper from Trinidad and Tobago. I am very reasonable and have a lot of very satisfied students.

I can teach Slav defense against of d4. I can also teach how to play The Sicilian Dragon (of which I am a pro). I can show how to play as well, The English Attack and Classical Be2 against Najdorf.

With e4 I specialize in the Italian Game against e5. I am capable of showing many interesting openings against various defenses.

My main area of coaching is in the middle game and endgames for which I tailor programs specific to the students.

I coach and have coached a number of Champions in my country as well. I am 6 time National Champion in my Country. I have been coaching professionally for twelve years.

I charge 20 chekels per hour. However, I prefer to do TWO hours sessions at 40 chekels per session. Message me for info.


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