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Hello and thanks for calling in. My username comes from the classical music piece by Pachelbel. This is also my username on ICC where I am a helper.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

Ok, some useful links for you:

Have you lost or forgotten your password? Go to

In Blitzin 3.08 & above go to Edit -> Settings for a whole host of features/options you can change; board, formula, userbuttons, profile etc - the list goes on!

Do you experience disconnections? Take a look at “help disconnectFAQ”. Do you experience lag? See “help lag”, “help LagCompensation”, “help timestamp”.
  In particular, see “help lag2”.

Dasher Users: I strongly recommend this ->

Other things worth seeing: help judgebot”, “help resume”, “help speedtrap” and more. If you need help, I’ll try to assist.

Please remember 1) rematches are not always possible, a player could have just had time for 1 game or maybe they like to examine the game afterwards and 2) Not all players disconnect deliberately.

I would like to thank the helpers, admins and managers (in no particular order) for the work they do on ICC.


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