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Setup Komodo with Dasher

First, go to and download your purchased copy of the Komodo chess engine.


Depending on your web browser, you will be asked to Open or Save it, or it will automatically download to your default download location.   If you are asked,  select "Save File".  This file is zipped (compressed). Thus, once saved, right-click on the file that starts to Extract the contents.

Download Komodo chess engine for ICC


Extract the files into one of the Folder locations below:


Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines:  %APPDATA%\Internet Chess Club\Dasher\engines\


For all others:

If you have a 32 bit machine:   %PROGRAMFILES%\Common Files\Internet Chess Club\Engines\ 
If you have a 64 bit machine:   %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Common Files\Internet Chess Club\Engines\


Once extracted, Open Dasher and navigate to Settings -> General -> Analysis Engine:

Setup Komodo chess engine for Dasher

Setup Komodo chess engine for Dasher

Setup Komodo chess engine for Dasher

Select the drop-down box and select the correct version of Komodo, depending on whether your system is 32 or 64 bit.  Now click OK on the configuration page and your new engine is ready to use.

Finally, to use your new engine, you will select the analyze icon in your game board. 

Setup Komodo chess engine for Dasher


The currently installed engine is listed in the top pane: Komodo TCEC
Score There are many factors that affect score, but the basic scoring method is to assign each piece a value (pawns=1, Bishop/Knight=3, Rook=5, Queen=9) and evaluate which side is winning and by how much. Komodo displays the score with + values good for white, - values good for black.
Depth Depth is the ply (1/2 moves) that Komodo has searched ahead to produce the current best move and score. A depth of 14 is searching 7 moves ahead.
Time Time is the total time used in the current search to produce score, depth and nodes.
Nodes Nodes is the number of chess positions the engine searched to arrive at the current score and depth.

The pane shows the move (principal variation) that Komodo currently evaluates as the best move for the side to move.



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