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48th annual WORLD OPEN

An American Classic!
A Heritage Event!

48th annual WORLD OPEN

August 7-9, 2020

 9 rounds, G/60 with 10 second increment, at Internet Chess Club  


Also $5,000 in chess videos and Internet Chess Club memberships, provided by ICC! 

In 4 sections: Open, Under 2200, Under 1800, and Under 1400. Unrated may enter any section, with prize limits in U1400 and U1800.


Open Section: $4000-2000-1200-800-600-500-400-400-300-300, clear or tiebreak winner bonus $100, top USCF Under 2400/Unr $700-500-300.  Free entry to one CCA OTB or online tournament to top 7 non-GMs and top 7 Under 2400/Unr.

Under 2200 Section: $600-500-400-300-200, top Under 2000/Unr $400-300-200. Free entry to one CCA OTB or online tournament to top 7 overall and top 7 Under 2000/Unr.

Under 1800 Section: $600-500-400-300-200, top Under 1600 (no unrated) $400-300-200. Free entry to one CCA OTB or online tournament to top 7 overall and top 7 Under 1600. Unrated may not win over $300.

Under 1400 Section: $500-400-300-200-100, top Under 1200 (no unrated) $300-200-100. Free entry to one CCA OTB or online tournament to top 7 overall and top 7 Under 1200. Unrated may not win over $150.


GM Larry Christiansen Attacking Mega Bundle Video (retail $199.00) plus 6 months ICC membership to Open top U2400, U2200 first place and top U2000, U1800 first place and top U1600, U1400 first place and top 1000-1199, 800-999, U800, Unrated.

GM Daviron Kuljusevic Mastering Closed Positions Video (retail $79.90) plus 3 months ICC membership to Open second U2400, U2200 second place and second U2000, U1800 second place and second U1600, U1400 second place and second 1000-1199, 800-999, U800, Unrated.

3 months ICC membership to Open 3rd-10th Under 2400, U2200 3rd-10th place and 3rd-10th U2000, U1800 3rd-10th place and 3rd-10th U1600, U1400 3rd-10th place and 3rd-10th 1000-1199, 3rd-10th 800-999, 3rd-5th U800, 3rd-5th Unrated.

Tiebreak: Will be used for free entry, video, ICC membership prizes and Open first place bonus. Cash prizes are split among tied players. A player may not win more than one cash prize, but may win a cash prize plus a free entry, video, and ICC membership prize.

Entry fee, online at

Open Section: If USCF 2100/over or FIDE 2000/over, $118 by 7/31, $148 by 8/5, $180 by 8/6 through 5:00 pm EDT/4:00 pm CDT/3:00 pm MDT/2:00 PDT. Other players, all $100 more.

Under 2200 & Under 1800 Sections: $98 by 7/31, $128 by 8/5, $160 8/6 through 5:00 pm EDT/4:00 pm CDT/ 3:00 pm MDT/2 pm PDT.

Under 1400 Section:  $78 by 7/31, $108 by 8/5, $140 8/6 through 5:00 pm EDT/4:00 pm CDT/ 3:00 pm MDT/2 pm PDT.

Later entries: The final entry deadline at the highest fees may be extended at our discretion. If the deadline is extended, this will be announced August 6 on the CCA Bulletin, our free emailed newsletter (subscribe at

GMs in Open: free by 7/31, $30 by 8/5, $62 by 8/6 through 5:00 pm EDT; $120 entry fee deducted from prize.  .

No switching sections after 8/5.

Special 1 year USCF dues with magazine if paid with entry: Online at, Adult $35, Young Adult $22, Scholastic $15. USCF membership required, except for foreign GMs/IMs/WGMs/WIMs.

ICC membership (note change)
: For players who have not previously entered a CCA online tournament, two months free membership provided free by ICC!

EDT: 12 noon, 3:15 pm & 6:30 pm each day.
CDT: 11 am, 2:15 pm & 5:30 pm each day.
MDT: 10 am, 1:15 pm & 4:30 pm each day.
PDT: 9 am, 12:15 pm & 3:30 pm each day.

 WARNING! You must be logged in at these times or you will not be paired!     

     Half point byes OK all, limit 3, must commit during registration, cannot be changed after August 5th.


             Foreign player ratings                                              Prizewinner tax info                     

For all tournaments, adjusted FIDE or foreign ratings or USCF online ratings, if higher than USCF OTB regular, may be used. Players must disclose FIDE or foreign ratings when entering, or may later be expelled. Other over the board ratings such as club, league, scholastic, state or province, etc, adjusted if appropriate, may be used at our discretion if above USCF.  No rating below the latest official USCF rating, on the list corresponding to the ending date of the tournament, will be used. Click here for further details.

Ratings: Online regular rated; regular OTB ratings used but will not affect regular OTB rating. August official USCF OTB regular ratings used. Unofficial ratings usually used if otherwise unrated. Players must reveal foreign, FIDE and other over the board ratings, and these ratings, adjusted if necessary, may be used if higher than USCF. See also above.     


Questions:,, DirectorAtChess.US. $15 service charge for refunds.

Entries posted at (click "entry list" after entering).

You must be on Zoom to be eligible for prizes. Zoom instructions at CCAZOOM.COM. 

You must use a desktop, laptop or notebook computer. Tablets and cellphones are not allowed.

All games will be analyzed using ICC's sophisticated anti-cheating tools. Such analysis will include, but not be limited to, comparing moves played to the recommendations of various engines. Players suspected of violating the Fair Play rules may: 1) have their results and any prize eligibility canceled, 2) be banned from future play on ICC, 3) be banned from future Continental Chess tournaments both online and over the board, and 4) be reported to the USCF Ethics Committee, leading to possible suspension of USCF membership.

Fair play checking may take as long as two weeks after the tournament. If players are disqualified, opponents who lost to them will have these results changed to half point byes and those who drew with them changed to unplayed wins. There also will be partial fair play checking during the tournament, which could result in players being expelled.

It is estimated that prizes will be mailed about August 25th.  On request, some prizes may be paid electronically through PayPal or Zelle.

What to do after registration:

1) At, go to the row for the World Open and click on "entry list" to make sure you are listed. If not, notify us at

2) If you are a current ICC member with a user name and USCF ID number that are linked to each other, you are all set. If not, use the link provided at chessaction to link your user name and ID. If you have a problem doing this, write us at If you are a new USCF member, there will be a delay before you obtain an ID number.

3) Read the rules posted HERE.

4) See Zoom instructons HERE and be ready to log into Zoom.

5) 30 minutes before play begins on August 7, log into and wait for your pairing to pop up when play is about to begin. During this time, there may be late announcements or questions about your entry.

VERY IMPORTANT! You must be logged in at each round starting time, or you will not be paired and may be withdrawn from the tournament! If you are logged in at the announced time and pairings are late, DO NOT LOG OFF!  Once the pairings are made without you, they cannot be changed!

It is recommended that you do not log off all day until your last game is over. 


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