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2021 King’s Island Open Warmup


November 6-7, 2021

Register Here - Only $83 Till 11/4!! ($100 after)

$30 Discount if Playing in Kings Island Open on 11/12 to 11/14

Pairings and Standings Here

6 Round Swiss System - Game 75+10

Round Times Each Day: EDT 11 am, 2:30 pm & 6 pm

Up to Two Half-Point Byes Per Player With Registration Only (Cannot Be Changed)


All Prizes Subject to Fair Play Analysis

Sections & Prizes (Cash Only):

Major Section
1st Place: $700
2nd Place: $400
3rd Place: $200
4th Place: $150
U2200 1st: $300
U2200 2nd: $150

Under 2000/Unr
1st Place: $400
2nd Place: $280
3rd Place: $150
4th Place: $100
U1800 (No Unr) 1st: $240
U1800 (No Unr) 2nd Place: $120

Under 1700/Unr
1st Place: $340
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $120
4th Place: $80
U1500 (No Unr) 1st: $180
U1500 (No Unr) 2nd: $90
Unrated Limit $150

Under 1400/Unr
1st Place: $280
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $100
4th Place: $60
U1200 (No Unr) 1st: $140
U1200 (No Unr) 2nd: $70
Unrated Limit $150

Online Regular Ratings will be used for all prizes and pairings (OTB Regular used if no Online Regular)

Online Regular Rated - will not affect OTB ratings


Instructions To Play On ICC:

  • Login to 30 minutes before round starts
  • Login to Zoom (link on 30 minutes before round starts

Other Requirements/Important Information:

  • USCF Membership Required - sign up/renew here
  • ICC Handle Needed - sign up here
  • $15 service charge for refunds
  • All Prizes Are Subject to Fair Play Analysis
  • For any questions please contact us at

For Comprehensive Rules & Zoom Links - Click Here


If you do not already receive our free emailed CCA Bulletin, we recommend you subscribe at CHESSEVENTS.US, as the Bulletin is how we communicate important messages to players such as rules changes, deadline extensions, ratings news, prize availability and error corrections as well as details of future tournaments.

For new CCA online players, these events include a free two month membership in ICC.


All games played in USCF rated tournaments will be analyzed using ICC's sophisticated anti-cheating tools. Such analysis will include, but not be limited to, comparing moves played to the recommendations of various engines. Players suspected of violating the Fair Play rules may: 1) have their results and any prize eligibility canceled, 2) be banned from future play on ICC, 3) be banned from future Continental Chess tournaments both online and over the board, and 4) be reported to the USCF Ethics Committee, leading to possible suspension of USCF membership.


After each tournament, results will not be final for up to three weeks, while ICC fair play analysis of all games takes place. Players may also be disqualified during the tournament. If any players are disqualified, opponents' results will be adjusted as follows:
  1. If the tournament has been concluded, or there is one round remaining, the last opponent of the disqualified player shall receive a win by forfeit. Other opponents who lost to the disqualified player shall receive a half point bye, and other opponents who drew with the disqualified player shall receive a win by forfeit. Anyone who defeated the disqualified player shall retain a rated win instead of a forfeit win.
  2. If two or more rounds remain, all opponents of the disqualified player shall receive a win by forfeit, unless they defeated the disqualified player in which case they will retain a rated win.

What to do After Registration

  1. At, go to the row for the tournament and click on "entry list" to make sure you are listed. If not, notify us at
  2. If you are a current ICC member with a user name linked to your USCF ID number (like those who have played in our online tournaments), you are all set. If not, go to to register with ICC. If you are unable to register, contact
  3. Read the rules posted HERE.
  4. Log into Zoom at CCAZOOM.COM. You must be on Zoom, using your real name, to be eligible for prizes.
  5. 30 minutes before play begins, log into, wait for any messages, and wait for your pairing to pop up when play is about to begin. DO NOT LOG OFF or you may not be paired.