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March Game 60


March Game 60

5-SS, G/60+10, at Internet Chess Club. $3000 guaranteed prizes. Must be on Zoom (use real name) to be eligible for prizes; see $80 prize limit if no Zoom side/rear camera angle.


Under 1600


$240-120-80, unrated maximum $100, U1400 (no Unr) $140-70, U1200 (no Unr) $120-60

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Under 2000


$400-200-100, U1800 (no Unr) $180-90

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$500-250-150, top U2200 $200-100

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3 sections: Major Section: Open to 1900/up (Online Regular or OTB regular; see Prizes $500-250-150, top U2200 $200-100. Under 2000/Unr Section: $400-200-100, U1800 (no Unr) $180-90. Under 1600/Unr Section: $240-120-80, unrated maximum $100, U1400 (no Unr) $140-70, U1200 (no Unr) $120-60. All: If the official OTB regular rating is more than 100 points over prize maximum, prize limit $100. Entry fee $65 at by 3/16, $85 by 10 am EDT 3/18. New players (first CCA event on ICC) enter by 3/16 or risk not being paired for round 1. GMs $60 from the prize. Log into 30 minutes before your game. Rounds begin EDT Sat 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, Sun 11 am, 2 pm. Half point byes: Available all rounds, limit 2 byes, must be claimed with registration & cannot be changed. USCF membership is required; you may join with registration. Online Regular rated (will not affect OTB ratings), Online Regular ratings used for pairings & prizes (OTB Regular used if no Online Regular). Foreign players: see $15 service charge for refunds. Ent:

For new CCA online players, these events include a free two-month membership in ICC.

See bottom of page for what to do after registration.  REGISTER NOW


If you do not already receive our free emailed CCA Bulletin, we recommend you subscribe at CHESSEVENTS.US, as the Bulletin is how we communicate important messages to players such as rules changes, deadline extensions, ratings news, prize availability and error corrections as well as details of future tournaments.  



1) At, go to the row for the tournament and click on "entry list" to make sure you are listed. If not, notify us at

2) If you are a current ICC member with a user name linked to your USCF ID number (like those who have played in our online tournaments), you are all set. If not, go to to register with ICC. If you are unable to register, contact

3) Read the rules posted HERE.

4) Log into Zoom at  CCAZOOM.COM. You must be on Zoom, using your real name, to be eligible for prizes.

5) 30 minutes before play begins, log into, wait for any messages, and wait for your pairing to pop up when play is about to begin. DO NOT LOG OFF or you may not be paired.