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In the center of the action!

Added on 09.20.2012

We all ready to go? ICC is going to cover two amazing events in the next weeks! The FIDE Grand Prix in London and the Masters Final in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Bilbao, Spain. Yes, ICC will work for you...Full Story

Sao Paulo, Bilbao, London - The hot ICC summer keeps going!

Added on 09.11.2012

The hot chess summer is not over! The 40th Chess Olympiad just finished (see the article below), and we already move on to watch and enjoy two important and strong events: The Grand Slam Chess...Full Story

Armenia and Russia on the lead in the 40th Chess Olympiad

Added on 09.03.2012

After five rounds Armenia and Russia lead the 40th Chess Olympiad, with a perfect score of 5/5.  The first rounds have seen the top seed countries being paired with weaker ones, and there haven't...Full Story

Chess Olympiad 2012

Added on 08.27.2012

Istanbul, the beautiful historic transcontinental city - a bridge to the Middle East -  which served as capital of four empires and is one of the European  Capitals of Culture, will be the center of...Full Story

A Hot Summer in ICC!

Added on 08.14.2012

The 30th Summer Olympics is just over, with China clinching a honorable second place in the total count of won medals, right behind the U.S.A. that gets back on top of the sport world after Beijing...Full Story

Magnus goes to Biel

Added on 07.22.2012

With Dortmund just finished, we're going to cover the 45th Biel Chess Festival, starting July the 23rd at 8am ICC time. Numero Uno Magnus Carlsen leads the group of amazingly strong players, that...Full Story

Dortmund: The Realm of King Vlad

Added on 07.12.2012

With the Tal Memorial archived, and another win by Numero Uno GM Magnus Carlsen, the 2012 Summer has still some important events to be followed. The Bazna tournament, sadly, has been cancelled due to...Full Story

Numero Uno wins again!

Added on 06.19.2012

And when you think it's all over, with the young Italian stallion winning his first super-event, an early morning last round turns the tables: Magnus Carlsen wins his game with the...Full Story

Category XXI: Join us at the Chess party!

Added on 06.06.2012

Join us at the Chess Party! The 7th Tal Memorial starts Friday, June the 8th, and it will be one of the most amazing chess events ever. Last year the young Norwegian numero 1 Magnus Carlsen and the...Full Story

FIVE, and counting!

Added on 05.31.2012

The 41-year old "Tiger of Madras" has been once again able to unsheathe his claws and grab his 5th World Title. After an epic struggle, that led the two contestants to a 6.0/6.0 tie after 12 games,...Full Story

Fire on Board!

Added on 05.08.2012

And here we go! US Championship and World Championship Match start this week, and all the chess fans are impatiently longing to witness these much awaited events. ICC Chess.FM will have live...Full Story

The semi-Berlin Challenge

Added on 04.30.2012

A great week of chess is just over. The interesting and enthralling match between #3 Vladimir Kramnik and #2 Levon Aronian finished with the result of 3.0-3.0.

Let the fun begin!

Added on 04.20.2012

Here we are, the elite chess season is finally starting! After months of "minor events", Saturday April the 21st Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik start their so-much awaited match. Six games that,...Full Story

Ready to go?

Added on 04.02.2012

Are you ready? The great season is going to start. After months of minor tournaments   - mostly opens in Europe - we are now approaching the season of elite events. As a luxurious hors d'oeuvre ICC...Full Story

Keeping up with the Joneses!

Added on 03.30.2012

After 4 rounds, English GM Gawain Jones - Verdenotte in ICC - was the sole leader of the European Individual Chess Championship, with 4/4. Gawain, playing black in the 4th round, managed to defeat GM...Full Story

A dive into History

Added on 03.18.2012

The picturesque small country called Bulgaria - which has existed for more than 13 centuries in Europe - is famous among chess fans mostly because it is the native land of the great champion Veselin...Full Story

Ruy Lopez in the Iceland

Added on 03.08.2012

The Reykjavik Open is halfway through, and it's proving to be an interesting tournament. Fabiano Caruana - Adaptation in ICC (currently #6 in the unofficial rating list), David Navara, Robert Hess...Full Story

The three Musketeers

Added on 03.01.2012

FIDE has published the March Rating list. Three men lead the pack, in the super-exclusive elite group "over 2800". Numero Uno Magnus Carlsen keeps his January rating, after a convincing performance...Full Story

Win with GM Boris!

Added on 02.27.2012

We all know it: chess players want to get good results immediately, cutting short the learning process of chess basics and proceeding on to study opening theory. Unfortunately, this violates the most...Full Story

Waiting for the Big One

Added on 02.16.2012

After the elite events that have kept us glued to the screen in the last few months - Tal Memorial, London and Tata Steel - it's now Open season! We all are waiting for the crucial match that will...Full Story

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