Suspected Computer Abuse

There may be times when you suspect your opponent, or someone you are observing, is receiving help from a computer program or another player. This does happen, and incidents are handled quickly by the SpeedTrap team.

Do NOT make your accusations public, as this is improper and a breach of server rules. Instead, allow the SpeedTrap team to do its job. They are very good at it!

Report the incident by doing one of the following:

Go to the Action tab and select Report Abuse. Fill in the complaint, explaining why you suspect this player of using computer assistance in the dialog.

Report the player by finding the suspect game in the player's profile.

  1.  Right-click on the suspect game in the Games tab of the Profile Window
  2.  Select Complain About This Game in the menu
  3.  Make sure the selection is Report cheating
  4.  Type in the player's handle that you think is cheating
  5.  Add a brief explanation for why you believe this player is cheating
  6.  Submit the complaint

Manually send a message to the SpeedTrap handle and provide the player's handle and explain why you feel the player is cheating.

Use can also use the command line interface and the the server command message when reporting a player. For example, you might send this message: message Speedtrap I think erict used computer assistance because.....

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