Saving a game to a PGN file

To save a game from a Game Window to PGN, locate the Save icon in the toolbar and follow the instructions to name and save the game to your local disk. Note that the game that will be saved will be main line as you see it on your game board, so make sure you are at the end of the main line before choosing this option.

PGN stands for Portable Game Notation and it is the universal game storage format, allowing you to open a single game or your entire online game collection in most any other chess program or game viewer.

Please note that if you attempt to save a game to a PGN that is in use by another PGN reader, you may see an error message "Error opening or creating the file to save the game.":


If this error occurs, you can correct this problem by closing the other PGN reader that has locked access to your PGN file.

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