Quick Commands

Quick commands are designed to give you fast access to commonly used commands. Dasher has a default set of quick commands and you can customize this list with commands that you often use. To access the quick command list, click the Quick Command icon in your Main Toolbar :

3 0 blitz game
2 12 blitz game
15 5 Standard game
20 20 Standard game
5 0 Crazyouhouse
5 0 Loser's Chess
Withdrawing challenges
Observing games
Observing games
Setting away messages
Setting busy
Setting busy
My General Profile
My Game Profile
Checking my Lag
Customize Quick Commands

TIP: You can add your own quick commands by selecting the Customize Quick Commands item in the Quick Command list or by going to the Quick commands tab in Settings.

  •  Example: If you wanted to add a Quick Command for 3 0 blitz, you would follow the instructions below:


TIP: You can use to move your new quick command up in the list for even quicker access

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