Loading a PGN file

Chess games are stored on a computer in PGN, or Portable Game Notation. PGN is the universal game storage format, allowing you to open a single game or your entire online game collection using Dasher. Whether it is one of your over-the-board games, something you exported from chessbase, or just a game you found on the internet, there are two ways to view it:

View it at your computer only (Only visible to you)

- To load a PGN game from your hard drive or a floppy disk simply find the Load icon in the toolbar at the top of the Game Window, choose the PGN file, and if necessary choose the game within the file to load. You can then step through the moves in the game using the arrows above the move list. However, no one else on the server has any knowledge of the game, nor can you save the game into your Game Library.

Upload it into examine mode

- To load a PGN game to the server, so your friends can view it and you can use the lecture tools, go to Action and select Enter Examine Mode. This will bring up a Game Window. Next, click on the Upload icon and select the PGN file you wish to load a game from, and (if the PGN file has more than one game) choose which game to load. The game will be loaded move by move onto the server, and it will be just like any other game in examine mode, viewable by anyone else who wants to watch, and can be saved into your Game Library.

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