Examining a Game

In examine mode, you have complete control over the game, with the ability to make moves for both sides with the buttons above the game board:

You can step through the moves of a completed game, going into side variations, or create an examination from scratch where no moves have been made. You can click the purple middle button (revert button) to get back on the main line after examining side lines. Other players have the ability to watch your game and players can chat at the board.

You will find useful examination commands in the Examine menu:

Examine menu

You an also use your mouse wheel to go forward and backwards through the move list.

During an examined game, you can try side variations on the board and use the built-in lecture tools to illustrate ideas in the position.

You can also setup a position in examine mode.

Revert to Main Line. Click on it to return to the actual game position after a side variation has been investigated.

Examining the game you just completed

To examine a game that has just finished, go to the toolbar above the game board and click the icon. This places you into examine mode. Then you will press the icon again to upload the game you just completed.

Examining other games

You can examine recent games of any player by placing your mouse over their handle until you see the cursor and then right-click and select profile. The games will be in the Games Tab. Click on a game to enter examine mode.

Broadcasting a game on ICC

Broadcasting a game on ICC is done in examine mode. More information can be found in the Broadcast section.

Did you know?

If the examiner stops examining a game, or gets disconnected, all observers are notified that the examination is over and the board and kibitz area become inactive. If it is important that the examined game and chat continue, should the examiner get disconnected, it is necessary to have more than one examiner in the game.

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