Broadcasting a Game

There are five basic steps to broadcasting a game on ICC:

  1. Enter examine mode.
  2. Set up the game with information about the game.
  3. Advertise your broadcast
  4. Make the moves in your examination (broadcast) game
  5. Save the game to your library after completion
Setting up your broadcast game

You will need to enter the game information for your broadcast. In your Game Window, go to the chat area at the bottom and select Command from the command helper menu. This will allow you to type the server commands needed to setup your game.

Here's a sample broadcast setup, using game 4 of the World Championship Rapid tiebreak played between Kramnik and Topalov on 10-13-2006:

Try it: set wild 0
Try it: examine
Try it: tag WhiteElo 2743
Try it: setwhitename GM_Kramnik
Try it: tag BlackElo 2813
Try it: setblackname GM_Topalov
Try it: settimecontrol 25 10
Try it: tag date 2006.10.13   optional
Try it: tag Event World Championship   optional
Try it: tag site Elista, Kalmykia Russia   optional
Try it: tag round 16   optional
Try it: libkeepexam  (click: liblist to find save slot)

Saving the game to your library with the libkeepexam command preserves the game information in case you get disconnected or need to setup the game information in advance. You won't need to enter the above information again if you save the game to your library. To find the library slot the game was saved to, you can issue liblist and locate the game in the Game Library section.

Doing the live broadcast

To begin the broadcast, verify that the game information is set correctly in your current examination game.

If you previously saved the game information to a library slot, follow the steps below to load the game in your examined board:

  1. Type or click: liblist
  2. Scroll down to the Game Library section in your Games Tab and locate the game you saved. Click on the game to start examining.

Now you are ready to enter the moves with your mouse, for both sides.

If you make a mistake on a move, you can use the back command to back up one move. You can go back as many times as you want. If you want to go back 5 half-moves, you would issue back 5.

Safety for disconnections

If you get disconnected, the game and all the moves will be lost!

To ensure this does not happen, ask one of the observers if they would mind being an "examiner" of the game. They should not make any moves, but having them be an examiner will keep the game up on ICC if you get disconnected.

For example, if Lyon is observing your game, you can make him an examiner of your game by issuing:

Try it: mexamine Lyon

If you get disconnected: log back in, observe the game, and ask Lyon to mexamine you. Then you can resume entering moves.

Updating the clocks

If you want to adjust the clocks on ICC because they do not match the real clocks, you can use the setwhiteclock and setblackclock commands.

Try it: setwhiteclock 00:20:00
Try it: setwhiteclock 00:15:00
Try it: setwhiteclock 00:05:00

Try it: setblackclock 00:20:00
Try it: setblackclock 00:15:00
Try it: setblackclock 00:05:00

Getting more people to watch

While you are broadcasting, it's a good idea to s-shout announcements so you will get more observers. For example:

sshout "observe Lyon" to watch the finals of the Italian championship live!

When the broadcast game is over

You can use the result command to set the result of the game when it is over.

Try it: result 1-0
Try it: result 0-1
Try it: result 1/2-1/2

At the end of the game, if you want to save it to your library, use the libkeepexam command.

Try it: libkeepexam

Broadcasting multiple games

You can only broadcast one game at a time from your handle, but you can connect with a second handle if you need to broadcast a second game. If your broadcast has multiple games, and is of interest to a lot of members, contact one of the main ICC relayers and ask if they can broadcast the games on ICC.

Questions or comments

If you have questions or comments, you can contact one of the main ICC relayers.

Lyon message Lyon
xtal message xtal

If you are an experienced ICC member and would like to help with relays, you can apply to join the official Broadcast Group! To apply, contact the Chief of relays, Lyon

      Broadcasters online  (look in your Main console)
      Broadcast member directory  (look in your Main console)

ICC's stand on broadcasting tournament games

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