Adjudication is considered a last resort, to be used only when all other means of completing the game have been exhausted. Before seeking to have a game adjudicated please make every effort to finish the game normally for a week, including contacting your opponent to arrange a time to complete the game. If you do submit an adjudication request, please be patient. Most claims are handled within a few days.

What games are eligible for adjudication?

To be eligible for adjudication you must either:

How to request an adjudication

Adjudication of regular chess games (blitz ,bullet, and standard time control games) is handled by the Adjudicate team. Open the Actions menu and select Request Adjudication and you will see the following dialog:

Simply fill in the name of your opponent and select the result you are requesting. Enter only important details into the description field. Also mention it if your opponent has censored you or other abuse. For games in any chess variant (chess games played with different rules), do provide any details you think appropriate.

Once the request has been made Adjudicate will then examine the game. If Adjudicate does not agree with the requested decision, you will be sent additional instructions informing you how to continue. If it agrees with the requested decision then it will send you and your opponent a message of its decision.

Abuse of the adjudication system

The adjudicate system is for the convenience of the players, to make sure you win your won games. Please do not submit unreasonable requests. If you are losing the game do not request a win, regardless of what your opponent may have done. After issuing the request command, please be patient. DO NOT SEND repeat adjudication requests for the same game. Doing so may result in you being censored from using our adjudication process. We receive hundreds of requests each week. It may take up to a week to respond to your request. Please keep in mind that people who process adjudications are volunteers and their judgment is FINAL, except in the case of obvious mistakes. Arguing with the adjudicator, or his decision, may result in your loss of our adjudication processes feature.

Intentional Disconnection

Intentional disconnection to avoid losses is a serious offense. If you feel that your opponent has disconnected intentionally to avoid a loss you may submit a complaint in the description field of the dialog above. Please wait at least 2 days after the adjournment to submit a complaint in order to give players who were accidentally disconnected a chance to resume or resign the game.

Adjudication Guidelines

The members of the adjudicate team follow a series of well-established guidelines for determining the correct response to requests.

Some more details on which games will be adjudicated.

ICC administrators reserve the right to adjudicate any stored game at a time and with a result they feel is appropriate. Games will usually only be adjudicated under one of three circumstances:

See adjFAQ help file for frequently asked questions about adjudications.

Note: Every Sunday 3pm to 6pm is the "resume" your stored games" time. Try to log in during this time if you have "stored" games and can't seem to find your opponent.

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