Action Menu

The Action menu offers many ways to quickly do common things:

Seek Game is where you go to post a seek ad, notifying other players that you are ready to play a game
Challenge Opponent is where you go to challenge a specific player
Enter Examination Mode begins examining a game from the starting position
Practice and Improve will take you to the Practice and Improve learning center.
New Message will raise a new message window where you can message another ICC member.
Edit Finger Notes will allow you to update your profile.
Resume Game will attempt to resume any stored games you have, if any of your opponents are online
Request Adjudication will raise a dialog in which you can request adjudication of one of your adjourned games, if for some reason you and your opponent are unable to finish it normally
Report Abuse opens a window with which you can report abusive behavior.
Quick Commands opens a sub-menu of customizable commands

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